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It's fantastic it said in these politically tumultuous time stormy daniels has proven itself to be a profile in courage speaking truth to power wouldn't under threats to safety on extreme intimidation from the current administration what do you think of it want to far with hollywood california this is a bridge too far to come on but it's west hollywood california's an elected mayor it's true on without without learning stormy daniels in any way no not the key to in real snow stop implicity grab for the city you know every not offend i'm actually offended by this he's i just throw my hands off moved the needle for me by the way this was the two of the statement sent out by the west hollywood government as that other statement of reg but not the actual government the government in exile right yeah the bourbons not today at four pm in front of chichi la ruse will be presenting city probably six toy store if i read this you know i know it's ridiculous come on this is john oliver can do this bit yes but this is exactly what y'all should yeah 'cause he's brilliant but that among wrong on this one how having stormy dan yard again that's fine we can give you put a kid of the flag out there give stormy dance but but i would not expect your you'll balancer and you know today's friday friday so we have florida so yes we want to share with you florida men friday's story we'll take you to vero beach with used to be the home of the dodgers that's right for a long time joe henry babcock h forty three was clearly having a bit of a day and just outside on something just have the chili's bar and grill in vero beach he was seen yelling at people and chats or no shirt shoes pants i think he was fully clothed go ahead he's confronting people challenging them to a fight less known at chili's grill in bonn in vero beach let's see we've seen running up to people and trying to fight with them when one of the deputies asked him his name he replied my name is few cracker.

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