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Belfour. W T. O P And right now we've got 60 degrees in downtown D. C. It's 9 41, now in a Kentucky judge has delayed until tomorrow. The release of secret grand jury proceedings in Briana Taylor's killing by police. The extra time is going to give prosecutors and opportunity to edit out witnesses, names and other personal information. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron now has until noon Friday to hand over 20 hours of grand jury recordings in the Briana Taylor case. In emotion filed Tuesday, Cameron requesting an extension to quote redact personal identifiers of any named person. And to redact both names and personal identifiers of any private citizens. Protesters and Briana Taylor's mother to make a Palmer have not stopped demanding justice after the grand jury only indicted one of three officers, former detective Brett Hankerson, in the police drug raid that led to Taylor shooting death in March that CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz Prosecutors have charged a 36 year old man with a brazen ambush of two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies last month. The officers were shot as they sat in a squad car outside a rail station. Police say the intense manhunt for the gunman who ambushed two L. A county sheriff's deputies is over. This morning, My office filed attempted murder charges against Deante Lee Murray, But Murray was arrested two weeks ago after a Carjacking and an hours long standoff. Investigators say a handgun he tossed during that chase was a key piece of evidence. That was pretty powerful when when the gun was thrown from the car. We knew it was a 40 40 caliber. Investigators believe.

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