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When did this happen noura. This happened last week. Like the the last time you and i recorded not tuesday but last sunday this happened last week and i'm taking a look at the english coverage and the first english coverage news seems to have come out on friday like if it takes that long like i know. Journalism is in crisis in canada. But like come the fuck on if it takes that long to get a massive news story from french media to english media like that's part of the issue here and you know i. I'm recalling an article that i read where dr misery dryden. Who's a professor at dalhousie. University discussed that racism and anti black racism are co morbidity That should be considered when we're when we're talking about a covid. Nineteen in the impacts of covid nineteen. And she's absolutely right and i it. It appears that it should be considered with a lot more than just the pandemic absolutely. There's there's really no question and you can cross check. All of the co morbidity is that have been the most fatal from hypertension to respiratory illness to dimension alzheimer's to diabetes like they all the the the most dangerous comb abilities have a higher occurrence which within nonwhite communities. That's there's no question about that. Although when you look at the information about this from an organization like the canadian heart society can you heart institute over there called. They have to rely on american data. They have to say that. Black americans are more susceptible to these illnesses because they don't have the data in canada. Not not that we need data to believe this stuff but like god. We can't even collect that like we can't even get a complete picture in in the the the multiple ways in which our health system is violence is dangerous and and you know because they tuned into the disability filibuster so much. I heard so many stories of disabled people going to the hospital and experiencing really horrific things having nurses suggests that maybe it's their time to die when they're in the hospital with a broken arm murphy really horrific stuff and And i also heard some really like in incredible statistics about like you know if someone has a spinal cord injury how they see their life immediately after their injury. There's a high desire people to end their lives because they can't imagine going on because they've lost the use of their legs or maybe even more than their legs and how One study that looked at spinal cord injury individuals S- put the at five years..

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