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Promo code boxing make every moment more this season with FanDuel, the official sportsbook partner of the NBA. All right, Regis pro grey is the former 140 pound champion on Saturday. He will attempt to regain a junior welterweight belt when he takes on Jose zapata in Carson, California. That's a fight that you can watch on pay per view and Regis joins me here on the show. Let me ask you first. I saw that before the media workout this week. Jose zapata was in a minor car accident. When you heard he was in a car accident, what was the first thing that crossed your mind? I was like, oh, lord, please don't let this fight, not having because he got the call right. That was my first thing like bro, really? He gets in the car right on the media day like this is like, this is crazy. So, but they told me everything was fine. He's good. So I was happy about that, but yeah, that was the main thing. I was just like, oh man, I just can't believe this happened. I'm out here. I don't want to fight to be called off. You know, I had a long camp and we all out here my team. Everybody's out here and if this happens in a feige called off, that'll be that'll be a disaster. Yeah, as you said this week, you basically been training for this fight for three years, so to have it called off would have been a catastrophe. Speaking of this fight, it has been more than three years since you lost your title and that unification fight against Josh Taylor. In your mind, why is it taking this long for you to get another shot? I don't know, man. Maybe it's maybe it was my team, it was a people around me. I don't know. I really don't know. I can't say why. It took this long. It shouldn't take this long. You know, like if you look at I was a champion, I was number one in the world. I was champion and number one in the world. And then, you know, I lost the belt and it took me all this time to, you know, to get back to it. And then you have somebody like José Ramírez, which, you know, he fought Josh Taylor. He lost his belt and then he fights. I think he fought for jaisa and then he's right back in line for the belt again. Like, right after one fight, I had to wait three fights, you know? So I don't know, man. Maybe it's politics, maybe it's like I said, maybe it was my team. Maybe people just don't like me. I don't know. I don't know what it was. I mean, to me, it's got to be politics, right? Because you're a very likeable guy, you're a very entertaining fighter in the ring. I think the one missing link is that over the last few years, you have not been aligned with a top rank with a golden boy with a match room. Somebody like that that where guys play the game and put them, put people like José Ramírez in that position. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And I guess that's what happened, you know. But I'm just glad, you know, I'm glad it happened now. You know, I sacrificed for three years. I could have went to 47 a long time ago and, you know, I said, you know, my thing is I want to be a champion to get in at one 40. This is something that I just want, you know, something I have on my vision board, something that I just, I really, really yearn to have that is to be a two time world champion. But before I even think about anything else, I want to be a two time world champion. So I sacrificed, I had nutritionists and now I'm standing one 40. So why tell me more about why that was so important to you? Because you're right, you could have moved up to one 47. There was some talk a couple of years ago about you and Terrence Crawford potentially meeting at one 47. You were talking about and have fought a catch weights over the last couple of years. Why is it so important to you to get that second title reign at one 40? Oh, honestly, I just feel like I still should be a champion. That's all. I mean, with the whole job here, the thing I still felt like, listen, it was a close fight. And I won't say that, oh, I got robbed it up like that, because I did get robbed, you know, but I felt like, you know, I should still be a champion. That's just kind of how I feel like I did lose the fight and I should still be a champion. I feel like if the fight was here, and it was that close, I probably would have got the decision. So I felt like I should still be, you know, I should still be a world champion and it just kind of my personal history to be a two Time Warner champion. How much do you think back on that Taylor fight? Because, I mean, it was a very close fight. And you did have to go overseas to take that fight as part of the world boxing super series. Taylor went on to become undisputed, and you've kind of been trying to work your way back into that mix. Do you think often about that fight? It's like, yes, it's a yes and no thing. You know, like so for me, I tell everybody that my personal life is amazing, you know? So it's like, it's two different lives, like the box of life, and then the person you're like, like my personal life is way more amazing than my boss life. I really do Boston just because I really love the fight. I really really like the train. I really love boxes, but as far as the politics, you know, I really don't like all the politics and all the stuff that goes behind boxing. I don't like that, but I love the sport. I love the fighters. I love the history of it. I'm a historian. I read about boxing all day. I just love that about the sport, but as far as the things that go on behind the scene, I don't like that stuff. So I just boxed because I just, for me, I just bought it because I just, you know, I love it. I just loved it. I loved the sport. That's all. And so, yeah, I love it, but on the personal side, I'm always great. Was there professionally speaking, was there a really frustrating point for you over the last few years where you kind of wondered where maybe you wondered if it was ever really going to happen for you? It's a yes and it's a low question. Because for me, what I did, to get to the number one spot to get to be a world champion, what I did is I just worked man. I studied. I worked. I put my head down and worked. And so for the last three years, that's what I did. I just put my head down. I worked out, I mean, for the most part, every night I might say some things on social media, but for the most part, I just I shut up. I think a plane, I just put my head down and I worked and worked and worked. And I knew, listen, if I keep working, no matter if it take three years, four years, 6 years, I'm going to get that spot again. I'm going to get a shot again. And, you know, to put a belt, and I'm going to be a two time I'm going to be a world champion again. So it was like, yeah, it was definitely frustrating. And you know, the most, I think the most frustrating thing is that, listen, I thought of all the networks, I was making them for a long time for them. Stand up for the zone I thought I'm showtime many events all the time. And then as soon as you lose, it's like, it's like, they throw you away. Like literally, in boxing, they just throw you away, they put me on the cars. I'm like, you know, and I just say that. I didn't complain about it. You know, in my head, I'm like, all right, you know, but I didn't say nothing. I said, all right, all this, you're gonna see, because I will be a world champion again. And all the frustration is gonna come out. It really is Regis the worst part about boxing how they treat a loss or how promoters and networks often treat a loss because you look at UFC and I don't even know how many losses some of their main events guys have. Like how many losses Nate Diaz have and he's still a headliner. You are, you are, you have been a really compelling guy in the ring. Your fights are entertaining. So network should want to have you on more often. It was always perplexing to me. I know some have tried. I mean, I really wish and I'm sure you did that the hooker fight happened when it was supposed to happen before the pandemic. That would have been a great showcase fight with for you and probably would have propelled you

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