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Pat hi everyone in thank you for joining into the two hundred first episode of awards jet the hollywood reporter's awards podcast on the host scott feinberg and my guest today is a terrific young actress who is currently in the process of breaking through into fullfledged stardom she is just twenty seven and has only been acting professionally for the past eight years but she already has made a major impression on one streaming services hallmark show netflixing as house of cards on which he appeared for parts of three seasons as the high end call girl rachel posner earning a best actress in a drama series i mean nomination for the third and she is currently starring on what could soon become another sri ming services hallmark show amazon's the marvellous mrs mazel on which he plays the title character midge mazel a loving and supportive wife of a not very good amateur comedian in 1950s new york who when her husband leaves her ventures into the world of stand up herself and proves to be a natural the shows pilot was unveiled by amazon on march 17th two thousand seventeen shortly thereafter the show was picked up for two seasons a major vote of confidence and the remaining seven episodes of its first season hit the service on november twenty knife two thousand seventeen little more than a month later on january seven two thousand eighteen the first season was recognised with the best comedy series golden globe award and it star was recognized with the best actress in a comedy series golden globe award in a few months and any nomination will almost certainly follow and in my humble opinion the sky is the limit for this tremendous talent rachel brosnahan but first i was joined at the offices of the hollywood reporter by two of the people who today run one of the oldest and greatest film festivals in the world carol off the artistic director and christoph mukha the executive director of the karlovy vary international film festival which i have had the privilege of attending in each of the last two years karlovy vary which is also known by its german name carl's.

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