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By that you remember us for has nothing to do with the company except for that. He's gonna stand to make a lot of money off of it now and forevermore. But at the moment for them to say, like, we're we're very different company now, and I think. Filing to go public is is as much a public image thing as it is a business thing. Yeah. And one thing that's sort of funny about these SEC filings. This you see companies like Uber saying thinks like we had a real they say this more official anguish them. I'm about to say, but we had a really tough twenty seventeen because there were a lot of, you know, sexual harassment stories in the media about us, and that's sort of a liability growing going forward if something like that happens again because they legally have to tell investors about that. So yes, they they want to they want people to think they are adults their new ish CO DARA Khosro Shahi his constantly trying to represent himself as the adult in the room. He is a family man who still spends a lot of his time with his actual family and Washington state. He's not like San Francisco tech, bro. At least that's not how he wants to be thought of. And so yes, they'll they'll tell you. They're still a company in the midst of a big transition. I guess it's we'll see whether that's the case another thing. That's in this filing assay. They're gonna put out a transparency report this year about data on harassment allegations within the company, which is really interesting. So we'll see we'll see what sort of data. They actually come up with their is at the same report that Eric Holder was involved in back in twenty. Seventeen and hides a different report. I doubt they'll just trade up put that outcome K based on. I haven't seen it. If you have the whole two reports, please send it to. We have secured drop. Based on what I've heard about it. There's some not like really not great stuff there that they don't want. Even if it's been a few years. They don't want anyone to see. So I suspect this'll be sanitized version of that. But they cleared they clearly want they clearly at least want people to think that they're being more transparent. So one last question, and then we'll let you get back to your your story that you're still getting over the finish lies. Thank you. There was a lot of talk of the last couple years about Uber. Developing technology for flying cars for self driving cars is this stuff show up in their in their filing. Or is this something that they talked about?.

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