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Shifting gears completely now to emoji they are a huge part of how we all communicate but not yet huge moneymaker there is a standards body in charge of approving new emoji it's called the eunuch owed consortium recently it approved more than one hundred and fifty new images there is a red headed person allama toilet paper even bagels it's a big deal if you're a red headed llama farmer but what's also interesting is that once the emoji are approved and unical says you know you can have toilet paper then it's up to apple or microsoft or google to design what the teepee looks like they become a little exercise in branding but no money changes hands in any of this jeremy burgess chief emoji officer for emoji pedia which is kind of like miriam webster for emoji jeremy thanks for joining us know where he's going to be here so i have this kind of basic question which is does anybody make money off of emoji yes some people do there are companies out there that do make money but the call the emergency on your part and i guess they don't really moneymaking product the companies like them and support them to sell devices really people don't necessarily make money off of creating a letter but they might make money off of creating an entire funds like do you see a time when someone might create an emoji typeface yeah i mean that is a real thing i tell the implemented on farms i guess we think of them as pictures but on most foreigners today sitting in a fund that looks different on every foreign the not yet interchangeable on your phone and you can't say i want to use this emoji funnel that emergency fund but that could be potentially a huge market if if people wanted to go down that path there are examples of companies interpreting emoji in different ways for sort of their own marketing purposes right every company they try and do it their own way so i guess google recently they've decided that they're going to take the edge out of the salad the said that the green salad emoji and it currently has an egg and they say we're going to get rid of that make it vegan friendly so i guess it's a way of companies expressing their in values in a mood deform where apple a few years ago changed the gun emoji to look like a what a pistol or a squad gun and now other companies doing that too so it's kind of an interesting area with a company gets to express some thoughts about what they think about the world in the little picture foment is that kind of right now there are only the two big players i guess there's basically android in but is it weird that they don't that they're not cross compatible yeah a lot of people wonder why if i send to the merge of this miley face when i send it to another type of foreign look different and i guess people often awesome it you know why don't we just have one set but who sent would that be would be happy to just use google sent i don't think so competitive so they want to any edge that they can have and if it just comes down to a mode you design if they think that's an edge of the day have the negative take advantage of that but maybe if there's money to be made in future there could be an app store for.

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