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I don't really feel like the state of california needs to tell me what kind of sexual identity is okay for me to pursue and so if i want to go to therapists some some expert to help me walk out my personal choices for freedom i don't see why the state should be interfering with that i couldn't agree more now elizabeth are are you in ken speaking as people who have sought out this therapy but those stories of change in our sexuality in the gay community i didn't try to get rid of my experiences with same sex attraction i wasn't interested in change i went to seminary openly gay i was in the presbyterian church which is an affirming branch of denominations and so it really was after i graduated from seminary that i began pursuing god on a different level and in that journey with guide began questioning what was the truth about my life experiences and ultimately kind of let go of that identity and overtime experience change in my desires i've been married to a man for thirteen years and i don't think about being lesbian i don't struggle with my sexuality at all and so the the suggestion that at least for women there's never change or it's not possible s really wrong in my opinion have you sought counseling.

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