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You say if you didn't have you may i would still wouldn't that i yeah all right which if he didn't have twitter discrim i have not posted about it every time we're going to the gym like four times a week and i posted about it a lot when i started and then when i had the injury inbetween in post about baptist why did say when p._m._t. Started doing vaping as a bit and then they got like addicted to it now like you did this as a bit and now you just like oh like yeah but that's way better to get addicted into working out the clue. Not you got hurt. I don't stretch before which is an issue. I gotta start stretching before you have to stretch. I get right into it. I just wanna talk and lift dude book and hate you votes. I maintain that. I think it would be funny if i was ironically wrecked now. He's sitting sitting in a chair you really it's like stretching it out like i know i gotta work. Pasta is a big part of back. You'll never be ripped. I know we have all three three have the bodies of just it's the same forever and good spot. I don't know i'm great and never have to work out. I just won't be you that someone someone who doesn't want to better themselves making excuse don't want to better myself but you could not a great spot my life you could. I don't know caps could natural cavs always always got those. There's no chance you can yes who cares if working by new biceps yeah. That's it's shitty cap going to hurt my back pretty shit shit. That's skinniest cab. That's wrong. Corrobos cast one time for me back to the show where the hell we just went last ten minutes. Maybe did tweet go into the west. Coast west coast games mean means. We stay late in the east. We start late on the east coast means. No one will be up. Means won't be on twitter means. No posting twitter clout means. I got wait till the morning to get that sorta clouds spongebob automob- sitting with coffee alone restaurant so eventually i literally don't know what sleep is anymore and he responded. Don't think you're off the hook. My guy saw that video of the team pick you wrong for that referring to our short porch breakdown of of the team what the hell do care maimon yeah i the only thing we had said as i said he looked. It's like a seven-year-old wearing his dad's sunglasses but that wasn't in the video. That part was in the video cameras one the lepas definitely listen to it near like oh. Oh camera look what they said about if i just played it the whole episode on like the team plant yeah right after they took the picture. We broke down the no that's. That's definitely a thing to say but he knew he was doing. It was funny like he knew funny. Yeah want him being on this rosser because he's a good guy clubhouse allows everyone's like come on the pockets of the pocket. They mean that's happening in the works. <hes> but love is what the saliou. I like the little tease there but we haven't been no harm. I thought originally it was like what we said about stanton or tile away we or something like that but we didn't say anything but camera me ben and nothing even that we said about giancarlo her weight is that a line carlo hasn't done anything admit amagai group project project wasn't done yet. Tyler also probably pretty surprised he's just like curate now on the west coast trip to christ. Here's a friend of ours. I know it's a great guy and he's a friend of a friend. He's a great guy to go out that just sat. He's just always there every time it's like september roll the half. Have it's awesome. All you have to do is run from.

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