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Job. So then her win Monday, and we waited until about nine o'clock, and she still had shown by this time storm hit company, and I had filled her men on everything that had happened a Roo weekend. Who was like, you know, something's going on. You know, what a do? I don't know. I don't know we can get involved or anything. And I was like kind of force in the issue. Like, I think we have to get involved on the stuff that's going on. He had talked to his manager. They said we'll give it another hour or so, and I was like oh my gosh. She geyser being men. This is ridiculous. Something to be done. So then I figured out that jen's emergency contact number was actually Sarah's phone number. So we didn't have an emergency contact number for Sarah. So finally got the okay to call it. And I made the call and then here. Here. I sit today. About two hours after Cheryl hung up the phone a German tourist spot spotted the hearts, tan two thousand three Yukon XL of side down at the bottom of the cliff in Mendocino county. The police report includes a photo of the car from of and it looks like it's flat to the ground with its Brown and grey machinery, camouflaged by the rocks sand and water when you look at aerial shots of the scene, the car blends in so well, it's hard to see the bodies of Marcus Abigail and Jeremiah were found nearby. Sierra's body washed ashore about two weeks later. Afoot presumed to be Hannah's was found nearby as well. But at the time of this recording investigators were still trying to match it with DNA from a woman claiming to be Hannah's, biological mom. Devante body is still missing. The cars computer showed that moments before the crash Jen had stopped on a gravel pullout seventy feet from the edge of the cliff. And then accelerated, you might wonder if the brakes malfunctioned, but according to a Carfax report, the pads have been replaced, the previous July, her industry experts the average brake pads last for around forty thousand miles so unless the hearts had driven back and forth across the country. Six times, the brake pads should have been imperfect working order. Meanwhile, remember all that lush greenery Jen wrote about when the police showed up to search hearts house, they found no plants inside. But over on jen's Facebook, the ducklings continue to splash in their bowl of water one yellow one black. The most recent comment comes from a loyal friend, wishing Janna happy birthday months after she died. Next time on broken hearts accuser skinny while. We just thought they were eating organic foods week not they were almost age they were small so we had kindergarten looking back on. It doesn't look like they were normal. Kids didn't really have friends Abigail had bruising on her stomach area from her sternum to waistband and bruising on her back from mid back to upper buttocks reportedly caused by John Hart. For access to exclusive photos and videos and documents about the case, visit glamour dot com slash broken hearts have questions for us about this podcast reach us on Twitter at glamour MAG or at broken hearts pot. If you like what you heard leave us a review broken hearts is a joint production between glamour and how stuff works with new episodes dropping every Tuesday broken hearts is co hosted and co written by Justin Harman and Elizabeth Egan and edited by Wendy alkyl, Lawrence Miley is our field. Reporter Samantha berry is glamorous editor in chief. Julie Chen and Deanna buckman head up the business side of this partnership. Joyce Pendle, Pat singer, and Luke Celeski our research team Jason Hoke is executive producer on behalf of how stuff works along with producers, Julian Weller, Ben key, brick and Josh. Thete special. Thanks, jen. Lattes? I'm Katie golden. I studied psychology and biology at Harvard, and I pretend to be a bird on Twitter and my new podcast creature feature. We've you nature in man from a new perspective each episode asking comedian to get inside the minds of animals, so we can explore the startling connections to human psychology. You'll find blood bams and treachery that make game of thrones seemed like a dumb show for babies. Join this every Wednesday and subscribe on apple podcasts for on the I heart radio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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