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And welcome back to Zurich. We're alive and you're with me. Julie is here with the papers. We'RE GONNA BE TALKING TO JAMES CHAMBERS. Our Bureau chief in a Hong Kong in a moment. I'm sure you'd like to be in Tokyo as well from time to time. Juliet you. You took us to. We did have Swiss papers out of the way before we go to Hong Kong Something from that's good okay. Okay here's your headline on created. Drop before he cars up you control as you know Too many people still going out even though they have these draconian well. This is what the leading with on a Saturday that we're well into this now. Of course not nice weather probably all over Italy. And and and what are they? What are they saying? As a result in in the last forty eight hours fifteen thousand fines were issues thousand industries. Yes so people who are caught. You know what we now are. We in H- we're in the hundreds at territory. If you get a fine now in Italy it's up to four thousand okay. Yeah yesterday talking to a colleague in Rome and she said I do take. They have six year old seven year old son. I do take him out on his bike and I said the finest pretty high. She's at nine. Oh but we're just going crazy in here so I'm willing to risk and she's not talking about a millionaire or anything but it's just that everyone is going quite nutty and as you know the weather's really good in. Rome is very warm so yeah so a lot of finds being issued and you've probably heard just like in France you have this altitude tickets unit that you have to. It's a self written documents in Hawaii for adults exactly exactly and so. I was talking to another colleague who is saying that. Her husband visits his elderly mother out of town outside of Rome and he takes four different certificates with him so according to at what point he could be stopped at a roadblock he'll put out a different one either it's once he's going to supermarket if he's close enough to home and close to market or once stating that. I don't know that he's got to go visit his his elderly mother because she's got medical issues so but they're still I don't know is it in their nature to sort of want to flaunt the rules for very very human reasons. You know I mean getting out getting your little kid out the house. Because he's going stir crazy and you don't even have a terrorist is very understandable. I guess wanting to visit your elderly. Mother is understandable so yes so a lot of fines also businesses that are actually doing business despite there being banned and young and then of course there's always the ongoing issue of the prisons. Yes Yeah I don't think that's just Italy. No I mean we've been telling Switzerland last night In Geneva a bit of a flare-up as well prisoners of course having issues with the conditions In Geneva and they had to call that extra reinforcements there as well. But I think it's also it's it's a mixed picture in Switzerland I was talking to A banker friend in Geneva and he said that his feeling is that in the French part of Switzerland certainly in and around the Geneva area people are not behaving maybe as well or at least the same sense he gets if people are in Saint Gardiner Basel or Zurich And then as we know there's been a special series of measures as well just into Chino in Switzerland For the Italian part of the country. Where there's you know they're asking for over over sixty five you really need to say it and and and the way this is. Actually it's a rule you cannot go out. Of course. They've sort of run in a run into locked horns with the Federal Council and burn even though the federal government of course agrees it should happen. these are these are issues that at a federal level and maybe not at cancel level So of course. A lot of administered time at taken up we are. Let's come back to the Italian papers in a moment. I just want to jump over to Hong Kong James Chambers. Our Bureau Chief. Is there a good afternoon? James James Good Afternoon Tyler. How you very well. How a lockdown it would you five six days away from seeing the freedom of the streets actually probably eight hours away. My Love Lockdown for me finishes at midnight tonight so it's my last day of a prison. Oh freedom depending on how you look at it but no no bars or pubs to go to. I believe that there's at least a two week suspension now on on such venues at at this point or is that is that fully confirmed now or not so this. This new the newest the news in Hong Kong is the government is shut down places that exclusively sell alcohol so Baas and pubs. That came in quite symbolically at six pm yesterday so Friday just after work when in normal times a lot of people in Hong Kong would head to the ball on wind down with a drink so a lot of people did go to that BAA yesterday just to see what this rule actually meant in practice and a lot of had to shut but there are the kind of these loopholes where your bar and a restaurant so you found a lot of last night will ordering a lot of food so they could still continue drinking their beers and on that. Yes this this new phase that were in Hong Kong and of course seeing something similar down down the track in Singapore As well is the analysis and I guess the reflection on what is happening. This is all the second wave this. This called for people to to return back. So as we're mostly seeing that this this new spike Is is really people who have returned back or are these also just pockets of infection that that might have already been there and have somehow rumbled up again. I think this is a kind of a belt-and-braces approach because you look at the numbers. It's still people coming back from abroad So that the latest figures are we had forty five new cases thirty four of them would travel related most of them kind of students coming back from other the UK or the US when it comes to people who actually picking up infections although the virus from balls. We're looking at about six of the remaining nine so I guess you could say that the government still just being very thorough. There was there was a time when I think the government got a bit angry and and so did a lot of people here when about two or three weeks ago when people when when people are feeling more comfortable they out there on the streets. They were drinking outside of boss particularly foreigners who weren't wearing masks and then when the numbers started to take up again it was kind of blame going on. I'm trying to suggest that the foreign population in Hong Kong that weren't being stringent as As the locals. So there's a bit of that is a bit of kind of trying to make sure that everybody follows the rules and the feeling that this kind of ban on bars is targeted on that community and just going just going back to also just leisure time tennis court said beaches et Cetera What's the government's position on? Not because I mean you were reporting this very well James. A few weeks ago it was the those first days people were feeling good. Maybe there was a bit of it. Overstep on on some size but beyond bars and pubs et Cetera. Et where else are we? Seeing a bans on gathering yes late. They bands like shut down a lot of public facilities a month ago. You're swimming pools and things like that but you know the parks are still open It'd be difficult to close them because they normally open twenty four hours. Beaches are closed. Technically but of course It's very hard to police that most other things have been close gone last week. So we had James Cinemas k-tvhe Mah Jong Policy was one that the chief executive seemed to be resisting the hottest. It seems the only one that she won't because down for now and it seems common with the world is headdresses in salons. That seems to be the last place that remains open. So a lot of places are shuts. But you still get people on the streets doing that. Exercise and walking around freely. I mean today is a very solemn day in the Chine. China mainland China Taiwan and Hong Kong. It's the Jinming festival which is a tomb sweeping day when families go to honor their ancestors and clean the gravesites burn incense. So that's that's going to be a bit different this year. Because they've put a cap on the amount of people who can gathering Publix or four families older families having to go in in two groups or not even go at all and there's been a lot of that kind of hand clapping for for the health workers a lot of the big skyscrapers that have led lights on the outside of being kind of beaming. Message support this weekend. So I guess this this whole idea of honoring. The dead takes on a new meaning this year. James what level of let's say of Solidarity. Do you see between Hong Kong and your neighbors over in Taiwan. At the moment of course there's been various flare ups as as there always are When it comes to Taiwan of verses China and Taiwan as it felt there. They're not getting enough recognition of course not part of the WHO Did they obviously they? They they locked Dick diplomatic recognition in in many corners but they they said from a benchmark point of view. They've they've done a number of things. No one's really paying attention to the Madame Hongkongers feel about their relationship to to the Taiwanese. Well Hong Kong and Taiwan to feel very close because they both feel that the plenty of pressed by the mainland by Beijing and when during the protests in Taiwan was a Balto for a lot of Activists here who wanted to try to escape the long arm of of Beijing and so many of them fled to Taiwan or decided to move that. But it's been sliding different this time around because Taiwan. They've they've probably responded The best to this and the gala respect for it but they shut down that board is very quickly and they shut out Hong Kong so very early on. We went to allow to go to Taiwan. And I guess that seems to have Chasing slightly because it was very much everyone looking after that road and Looking at their own Mitchell island and so that that feeling of of salad solidarity's cuts off for a while. Because nobody can travel. They used to be loads and loads and loads of flights going back from Taipei to Hong Kong. But that came to a stop a long time ago so I think that solidarity is going to be a cutoff for now But of.

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