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Red Spell on highway 26 closed Highway two from state route 1 72 to highway 17 closed. Several other closures in place in eastern Washington. It's due from a combination of wildfires and dust storms, making the visibility extremely low. We have severe side winds on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Highway 16. So that's going to affect travel there, and we do have about a one hour wait coming from Kingston to Edmund's on the ferry. Next. Come on, traffic it to 14. Lots of challenges today. Thanks, Marina Kristen Clark Check sarcoma forecast Gusty wind and low humidity today, resulting in critical wildfire danger across almost all of Washington state, most notably here across the Cascades, the foothills and the East Puget Sound low lands where the wind throughout the overnight hours could top 40 MPH that goes for Enumclaw Maple Valley as far north as Arlington that could be a damaging wind, maybe downing some tree limb branches and causing some localised power. Outages across the east Puget Sound lowlands into early Tuesday and the Common Weather Center a meteorologist Kristen Clark, Lots of sunny sky 77 degrees currently in Seattle. Stay connected. Stay informed. Comeau midday. Good afternoon. It is 206. I'm Kelly Blind. Here are some of the local stories we're following here at Combe aux News. Dozens of homes were ordered evacuated early this morning due to a fast moving wildfire and Douglas in Okanagan County's A level three. Evacuation order is also now in effect in the town of Mansfield. Though all routes out of town or described as unsafe due to extreme visibility challenges. The Red Cross says it is assisting people impacted by the Cold Springs Road fire and expects the evac evacuation order to grow. Life saving efforts fall short for two young brothers at a Lake and Pierce County. The two teenage boys drowned late yesterday in the roped off swimming area of Spanaway Lake. Comas carry cost image has been following that story for us the holiday weekend around Spanaway Lake transformed into tragedy and a matter of minutes when two brothers vanished under the water. What we surmised, was that The first one went under the second one was calling for help from the water. And that's what alerted people that there was an issue. First responders believe one brother tried to save the other, then never returned to the surface. Witness, Christopher Burns captured the metro dive team pulling the teens just 14 and 15 years old from the water. My heart just goes out to the people that lost kids today and I have prayers are going out to them. The brothers were not strong.

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