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So you grew up in long island new york garage door dead did you guys go to the jets games with the giants games when you were kids now narrates didn't care are now the parents and care but also it's called the out it's not a take kids dragging out in the cold and we have to be really committed to do that unfairly committed band and my parents weren't thankful but i'm but yeah i mean plenty of my friends went i grew up not very far from anaheim stadium and the rams played in orange county at the time right and we used to go to the games but here at 75 degrees so it's just like you know go into a baseball gaz whatever yet he's no risk involved no no furloughs town drink nobody with their people dead used to paint their their chests they'd sit out there that says combinator football games i always thought that it would be great to have a team that had an eye in the name so that way you could use your nipples to adopt the i am not going to see that john yeah ease head right of that could go over of this but i always thought that would be clever yet now fake they're not unless they really zoom in here i don't have a nipple but anyway no one went to the game so we'd go and we'd be sitting out there and the stadium would be halfempty crazy to me that's crazy because you see people in wisconsin in negative ten degrees sitting out there in their skisuits watching a football game but letting bela foreign ya they're not going in 70 degree weather and the raiders used to sell more tickets than the rams and they played the coliseum but my parents would never take me to the coliseum because they were afraid that we get shot right because it was a very violent place back then yeah but the rams are playing there now and you'd say to yourself okay well they're playing the same place at the raiders used to play at that's why no one's going there but a us she plays there too late and guess what saturday's texas u s e game had more people in attendance than sunday's rands in charges games combined and you look at the the pictures that.

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