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Dead body is tossed on a heap somewhere for more visit. The onion dot com slash newspeak. Is the onion news network now that you've found the Liberty Radio Network at L. Dot F._M.. You may WANNA help expose others to our great programs to assist you in doing so you'll find resources at promote dot l. r. n. Dot F._M.. Including details on how to get a free bumper sticker quarter page flyers wires you can print out distribute manners for your website as well as files that will allow you make your own custom banners and graphics visit Promote Dot L. Dot F._M.. And help bring new listeners to the Liberty Radio Network. That's promote dot L. R. N. Dot F._M.. What do you shop for that? You could otherwise by at Amazon pretty much everything right Amazon has competitive pricing and they deliver and that's a big plus. If you could plan ahead in your shopping. Would you be interested in saving up to thirty three percent. There's a catch you have to do your shopping in Bitcoin but imagine those savings. It's like a huge raise. All you have to do is go to save it. PURSE DOT COM. We've saved thousands and you can to plan ahead and save save at purse dot com <hes> there are lots of ways to listen to free talk live or podcast has been around since podcasts began and now the F. t. l. feed is loaded with content besides our full show archives. Did you know that we make it easy for you to customize your podcast subscriptions. We have different MM feeds one that includes only are full shows one with just the daily digest and one with just the Eggington post you decide what you listen to. It's quick and easy to customize your feeds at feeds dot freetalklive dot com. That's feeds DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT COM. Would you like to hang out with pen Gillette keynoting freedom fest this year I for one in thrilled freedom. Fest is the largest liberty oriented gathering in the world. They take big ten approach with Libertarians conservatives liberals anarchists just open minded people apple mingling together to hear real debates.

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