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Ten and one zero three one w g y schenectady police chief eric clifford very pleased with the response from other agencies after a man opened fire in schenectady when police got to the corner of union street and brandy wine avenue they saw two children with gunshot wounds see the response that we had to this event of the to assure them is something happens you know we respond to it and and we you know we belong resources at our disposal out to get the job done that's what was done in this case and you know they can rest assured that if something happens and we're here to help him stay police called in day sent a helicopter also niskayuna in rotterdam police responding as well as schenectady county sheriff's and other agencies man apprehended man believed to be responsible for the shooting sean howard also injured police say shot himself in the house on summit avenue the children's shot a seven year old boy and a sixteen year old girl said to be in stable but guarded condition a thirty five year old woman also shot and the house at thirteen seventy three union street she's in stable condition at this point police do not have a motive well no surprise here senator kirsten gillibrand says she vote against the confirmation bread cavenaugh as an ex supreme court justice gillibrand says she believes kavanagh's against workers rights civil rights and women's rights and jilib ryan says that cavanaugh will also tip the balance of the court away from supporting the affordable care act aka obamacare coming after news that the trump administration is refusing to defend the affordable care act it's one of the many efforts of sabotage is already causing healthcare premiums and you are to skyrocket next year this new judge we'll have the power to decide that insurance companies can charge you more or don't have to cover.

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