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So even within their states to make a modern country there's a bit this shortterm civil war where a hindu government is invading a hindu state in order to absorb it into a larger hindu nation so more people getting murdered and finally pakistan is separated by two thousand miles of india stan it's not unified and in fact the people of pakistan have very little in common with the people in of west pakistan have very little come with the people of east pakistan they've been separated by two thousand miles forever they are the only thing they have in common is they are vaguely muslim but they're not necessarily even the same kind of muslim so you can see this is going to be a trauma and it's a trauma the world hasn't woken up from yet and surly south asia hasn't woken up from yet what then happens over the next thirty years as a series of wars and in those wars india wins in nineteen forty seven india takes and then keeps kashmir now cashmere is northern state the northernmost state of india that's majority muslim state it should be part of pakistan if you're just going by which religion the majority is goes into which country the idea of the partition kashmir should be part of pakistan the problem is that the government in kashmir said no we want to be part of india and so there's now this problem where pakistan the people impacts in the muslim pakistan look at the people in kashmir as lost cousins as people left behind we have to get them back we have to save them from oppression.

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