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Me. So if you see me outside I am wearing significantly less then. Everybody else is because it's wintertime in California which means is in the low fifties which for us is like winter. So and I'm out there like Luella Floppies man. It's really hot out here. I've actually been freezing out my husband because I've been turning the heat down really low also because I'm trying and save some money because apparently babies needs to be in a perpetual seventy three degree heat like heated room and sound like. Oh my God it's going to be so much money anyway. A quick gimpy gimpy Bush update last week. We were number two and three and this week. I feel like the fact that we keep mentioning it somehow puts us into the search engine like okay so we can begin begin beginning. We're just GONNA keep saying it. Maybe it'll help our numbers next week right now. We're number one. We're number one one top five pop. Most we're top five and in three places for that I again just want to remind everybody. A lot of stuff has been going on Australia. We talk a lot about Australia on in here. Because one of our former CO hosts is a is Australian. Is Living Australia and we think about him. Russell slowly hope you're safe and okay and doing fine You know everyone.

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