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Nobody was like definitely agree. It's he was study. And then he moved up in the industry out in doubt. I can't wait. Sorry. Game of thrones arguments. Are so funny finger in bub. Really been meaning to catch up to you watch everything. So that I was like a wealth of knowledge, and I guess at this point I'll have to settle for just rewatching the last season. But don't you think it's interesting in day better in them to premier unlike Coachella weekend because everyone's going to be a Coachella Coachella on the we're we're meeting in time, and I'll just have to sleep. My check my phone and then on Monday, I'll watch it. But it's like all who are going to be on their phones. And they're gonna have it spoiled shave them to do this Guerande. Maybe in some way, it was intentional. Let's think so if he turned Joe Jorda sorta like the most media like connection to day. Arianna graduates. They're trying to shoot are are gonna Guerande and PT Edson hesitant. David is daughter. Larry, I don't think heating the performance. I think they're shading the concert goers. 'cause it's like those people are like the semi Colosseum have had that we can cleared. Right. And it's like okay now pick are you going to be like a coach author sponsor or are you going to collegiate just we're we're doing both? Right. I don't care like us. You know, we're I'm also like not. Look at my phone right now because people are like putting legitimate theories out there. I wanna be shot. No. But we are putting pictures in the street. So let's talk about some of the the notable couples Joe and sons has stepped out looking Flaine, and we reported the that he has to son once he found out at the end friend who was at that party nosy ending guess because I'm sure there were some low level caterers being like pulling Joe, please tell me how I don't think the cavers new. I think there's probably some press they're being thirsty. They don't know anything. They're trying to find out. I think just like the the crew knows and Anna manatees husband news. Piece husband was George are there. And it's in pictures of him. I saw a story about him like eyeing an iron thrown. I think he was definitely for sure we're wasn't it looks like thirty rock. It was at Radio City. I believe swing city kind of just need that a today show the episode how premieres work like got a movie to watch a movie at I think, I think there's a spy and film and a red carpet some people just through the red carpet sent people do carpet soiree, some people go to see the movie premiere once you give for bad Santa two and watch the movie, and I ate so much popcorn. And I had already had a toothache. It was the popcorn free. Yes. Okay. And the popcorn was getting stuck in my to and it was just really painful, and they weren't crop tops. I'm glad that nobody offered to take. My picture Olo shirt today. It's not pussy bow. But it's giving me like the pussy bow elegance. And you know, what seven entity trim you too because it's act sack posing like diffusion line. So it's like not Zac Posen pussy like so much corporate glamour. It's like for. Children for young children in the business place..

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