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Carol. I oh how. But enough about me. This is the most this is the most shocking headline Putin backs. Trump's move to withdraw US troops from Syria objects that the heat didn't support it though. So that's just fake news. It's fake Putin. Talking to fake news to object to what Trump said. Thing that was crazy about what Trump said was that? He said we're gonna leave Iran and Russia fight ISIS on their own. We're going to defeat ISIS. Right. But he said ISIS was already defeated. And that's why he's coming home and victory. Pulling the troops away from the border. Because of the migrate caravan before it got to the wall yet, he stopped it from coming across the border secure. We need a wall. That's correct. You know, what that was the most concise analysis? I've heard of exactly what you have no idea. I it takes our brain power to decipher what the president saying it. But it does for the president to say it. Yeah. It does. It makes my brain hurt. You tweeted if Donald Trump was looking to bring more scandal into the white is last minute sixth string. Pick of Mick Mulvaney was the right choice. Yeah. This is clearly a desperation move. He literally could not get anyone else. I know more about Mick Mulvaney than most people just because of the work that I do and the issues that he used to work on. And this guy has been Trump's number one enforcer. He's done everything that Trump wants him to do if Trump was finally looking to get a chief of staff who would not give him good advice in who would not object to anything. He wanted to do. He's his guy. I mean, we were told that Kelly was gonna straighten the ship that makes things more professional. He could not do it. Because Trump didn't want to do those things. Mick Mulvaney, will not propose anything that Trump. Doesn't wanna do. Yeah. Well in speaking of consumer protection, which is what you worked on for so long. Facebook. Is there any other better? Any indicator that we need a consumer protection? Facebook reportedly gave some of the world's largest tech companies access to use his personal data including some firms to read and delete users private messages and obtain contact information through their friends without user's knowledge or consent. They threw a data sharing business partnerships with more than one hundred and fifty companies including Amazon Microsoft net flicks Spotify Yahoo and the Russian search engine engineer index right Senator Brian Schultz democratic Hawaii said it has never been more clear, we need a federal privacy law. They are never going to volunteer to do the right thing. The FTC needs to be empowered to oversee big tech. Once again. They're like aversion to regulation. This is a perfect example of why I always, quote, an all lawyers of mine that said Steph people don't do the right thing because it's the right thing, they do it because they have to I hate to say, otherwise why have any laws at all? I mean. The real worry here. Okay. So. Yeah. Apple and other companies got access to your private messages. What does that mean? It means that every degree of separation that you have people getting into your direct messages. You're increasing the likelihood that those messages can get into hands that it doesn't belong beyond just those companies right people within those companies. So every company that added a list list, Chris exponentially, the number of people that have access to that information. Even if they try to keep it secure. How often do we hear about the data security of companies being breached? It happens every year two major companies, whether they're big clothing store chains or tech companies it even happened equifax this past year. Yeah. So you know, we should worry. And you know, this is a good lesson for consumers everywhere if the product you're using online is free. You are the product. Yep. Yep. Exactly. Speaking of protection Bill, so the Senate Republicans blocked the Muller protection Bill for the third time. It's not only that we just found out that obviously this entire Russian huge campaign much bigger than we knew was not just a benefit Trump at the benefit Republicans. They are getting closer and closer to getting exposed. Right. I mean when when statement Howard January third Elijah Cummings already has sent fifty letters asking for things that will then be subpoenaed because they weren't ever even things that were asked for in a bipartisan way before we're not subpoenaed at the White House said, no they have been right. Well, you never gonna find out this Roger stone thing they're going to find out. How Devin Nunes is a is a traitorous complicit clown who encouraged people to lie, right? Two points on that. Right. I mean. Yeah. The Muller protection Bill got blocked again. It's almost like they've also got their plans on the Trump protection belts. And the Bill is Bill Pryor the guy that they want service attorney general to protect Trump. But beyond that. Yeah. You know, there's actually a letter from the White House counsel's office your remember? When all these Democrats were not getting their letters responded to in the first year of the Trump administration. The administration came forward and said they didn't have to reply to members of congress. But they that they had to reply to chairs from congress various precedent of the White House counsel office under Trump's saying that they had to reply to letters of congressional chairman so by their own policy too. And thankfully, it's not just the policy. There's also subpoena power with a lot of these chairs. Yeah. Exactly. Wow. This is a rare. We actually they got something. Good done the Senate overwhelmingly passed a sweeping overhaul of the criminal Justice system. Right after we, you know, we obviously got Republicans to vote in large numbers to save to save money. That's all they ever care about by reducing prison sentences. But it also coincidentally happens to be the right thing to do. Right. Well, yeah, it's the right thing to do something that we're going to have to keep an eye on because we know that Republicans have their eyes on transferring as much of our prison system into the hands of private companies. So as we, you know, every time you open up something to reform you increase the opportunity for giant corporations to metal. And there's nothing Republicans like more than allowing that to happen. So we're gonna have to be diligent on that front. The good first step. But let's not take our half the ball. Look what they're doing in Florida. You've got one point four million felons who have done their time served their sentence. And the voters of Florida voted sixty two thirds of that voted to give his former felons back their voting rights and now Republicans in the state legislature back by their racist. Governor are fighting it even though the voters said they wanted it done pretty is important, but we've got to follow through on everything. We've got watch the Republicans hawks we had a gallon. Lobbying congress and the Senate for it. But I mean, it's one of those ridiculous stories, you know, her husband when they had a newborn was sent to prison for years for some minor drug offence. Right. So there's a hopefully this will like I say inadvertently help people. I think Trump in the end. Who cares? Why does anything? I mean. I think it's because Jarod told him too because it looks like a some sort of win for him. But if it helps people then good, right? Yeah. Absolutely. I'm not going to give him any credit that he doesn't deserve. If this was not his work. The congress sent him something, you know, he's not really been involved in much of the legislating done by congress. He is an absentee president who doesn't know his way around the block in Washington has no how legislation gets made or how laws are always. And there's you can never rule out a last-minute tantrum whereby he refuses to sign up for a reason. Figure out. Well, I thought this would have a wall. Yeah. I mean, speaking of being forced to do something not even because it's the right thing with the number of migrant children U S custody nearing fifteen thousand because there's so many other stories, you know, we take our our our that ball right in the Trump administration said it will roll back its requirement everyone in the sponsors house will undergo fingerprinting an extensive criminal background checks. That's because they've created this problem that now is becoming overwhelming. Right. The number of know, we know that the administration put forward these policies without thinking them through. And why do why do you put forward a policy that that basically locks children up without letting their parents know, where they're going to be or how to get them. We're unified. Why do you do that you do that? Because you don't think of these people as human beings, and that at the end of the day is what has been the most remarkable thing about this administration every step along the way, they do things to hurt people because they don't value human life in the slightest. Yeah. Yeah. No, exactly. I mean again, I. We were mentioning yesterday because of public outcry is the only reason Yemeni woman is going to be allowed to come. Visit her dying two year old in the hospital who harassed American citizen husband brought here for treatment. I mean, it's just normal human things. Because of the Muslim ban. Right. I mean, it's just I feel like we just have to reclaim our sort of common humanity again. Right. I mean. You know, starting in January. There's going to be an ability to hold the administration accountable for these actions because Republicans are so abdicated the role of congress to hold the president accountable. They've got a lot of work to do in January when they take over in addition to passing laws that helped people they've got to do a lot of work to fix what? Trump's broken absolutely happy Christmas Hannukah Treason's. Greetings to you, sir. Likewise. Hopefully in the new year, we'll have some celebrating to do around here. You can trace gremlin no longer living in the White House. Yes. There you go. Love you see next year. Thank you you too nineteen minutes after the hour, this no this portion is brought to you by me and my overly large pajamagram pajamas that are.

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