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Connected stay informed this is northwest news radio 1000 FM 97 7 This week's soccer's governing body announced Seattle will be one of the host cities when the World Cup comes to North America in 2026 So what exactly are we in for when the beautiful game's biggest event comes to the northwest Stephen Goff is following it all for The Washington Post and spoke with Taylor van zeiss Seattle hosted the goodwill games back in 1990 the MLB All-Star Game in 2001 and will have the All-Star Game again in 2023 but this is the FIFA World Cup What are we and other North American cities in for Well World Cup is without question that the sporting event in the world You will expect thousands of visitors into Seattle depending on which teams are sent there We won't know those match ups until some 6 months before the tournament actually takes place But it's a party like no other And it brings together countries people cultures and the highest level of soccer you'll see And lumen field is a great stadium for soccer That's where the sounders play and Seahawks as well obviously Countless athletic facilities around here for practices too but how much infrastructure and security needs to be built up before an event like the World Cup The big project for Seattle will be putting grass down on the stadium temporarily And that is not done a week or two in advance That's done That's done several months in advance World cups are only played on grass As you know Seattle's stadium is artificial turf as are many of the stadiums that were selected for the World Cup grass is mandatory There's also issues with width American football stadiums fields are much narrower than soccer So in many cases they'll have to knock out some seats some corner areas I'm not sure of the specifics of Seattle but that might be there Seattle certainly has plenty of hotels Airport great highway system There will be upgrades to security obviously any time you have a big event whether it's a World Cup or a political convention but no stadiums need to be built or training sites need to be built So I think Seattle's in a pretty good place And finally with The Washington Post you've been covering soccer for the post for years but D.C. didn't get the nod this time around The nation's capital of course They've got an MLS team and NWSL team lots of college teams too How rare is it for a host nation not to get a match in the capitol That's very rare for a capital city not to get a It's only happened twice in those head asterisks next to them Bond Germany West Germany in 74 because of Berlin situation and then Tokyo didn't have it in 2002 but they had three stadiums around Tokyo that were used So really this is the first time And Washington's big issue was the big NFL stadium where the commanders play just was not suitable for World Cup They tried to save the bid by pairing up with Baltimore and playing the games in Baltimore which is just an hour north but that didn't get it across the finish line Unfortunately Washington and the Washington region will not have any World Cup games in 2026 Well you're invited to Seattle I've got a pull out couch that's got your name on it Steven I'll be there All right Stephen Goff with us on northwest news radio reporter for The Washington Post covering soccer and the World Cup comes to Seattle in 2026 That's Taylor van seiss Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio Wall Street's turbulent weekend with another vulnerable session today the index is ending mixed in this one The downed industrial slipped 38 points the S&P 500 edged up 8 and the NASDAQ composite leaked 152 for the week those indexes all recorded significant declines More confirmation that the U.S. economy has started to slow down The government says its index of leading economic indicators declined in May by four tenths percent matching the April dip likely a response to high inflation rising interest rates and a slowdown in home building Peacock today scheduled a late summer premiere date for a new series starring Bill Nye The unscripted 6 episode series on the streaming service.

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