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It's got custom spoke. Rims that go ahead and zoom in on those buddy scott a dirty birds two to one fucking short exhaust which is loud as fuck by the way does sound really really good Normally started next door. Be happy about that What else does have scott an upgraded rear rear suspension. Got the mirrors. And it's i think the mayor's came with it but They don't know that. We're selling scott that indian logo glued out on Now the fairing is minimized It's it's different than me. I don't even know why they call it a fairing that the fucking housing. The the headlight is in is is also aftermarket as well. But so there's there's there's a few thousand dollars worth of upgrades into it but is a very fun back. Yeah i remember picking it up writing it out to your old studio and the rain so anyway this motherfucker back. Yeah i mean and the stuff you working as fucking amazing well and again like i was riding it every day. It wouldn't even be a question but with the other bike stuff that's coming in. I don't know when i would ever ride it. You know and again me. It's kind of a waste to have a bike like that. That's not getting ridden so make sense people. Talk a lot about They mentioned credit. The stuff we do in and out buying stuff. Py she must have good credit. I don't mind does Is credit super important. And how do you get there. yeah. So here's what i would say that Is it is it better to have good credit than not yes. Is it necessary no You know i have mixed feelings on it and it. It's a representative of the institution of central banking. Which i think is is overall good. I mean it's good and bad. There's certainly some good things in that. It allows you to do things that you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. That's the reality. Some people would call it irresponsible or deficit spending. And there's a fine line but i think ultimately It's it's good to have good credit in the event that you wanna use that to borrow money for for certain things at good rates and And you can use it to your advantage Having said that. Like i said it's not necessary to have good credit. Still do those things. It's just more difficult to do. Those things How you build it. isn't really super Complicated either you know by by things on credit and pay them off on time or early and and and be good about Thing that i do which. I would strongly recommend to really everybody out there. Whether you're trying to build credit or not misses a ba- a byproduct of it but is it really any of your monthly expenses that you have whether it's car payments Electricity fucking you know. Utilities whatever Even even house Mortgages anything that you can put on a credit card. Put it on the credit card. Now pay it off that month You know but but have that revolving credit you're constantly using it and In paying it off. That does two things one is that it helps build your credit. Because it establishes a positive history of of doing the right thing of borrowing money paying it back on time And in full credit card companies are looking at. If you're late on payments or you're not paying it back we'll fuck no. I'm not gonna lend you money if you have a history of fucking people over that lend you the money you know that that makes sense banks do the same thing but if you put it on a credit card that gives you miles or points or both cashback or whatever You know why not take make that Or take take advantage of that because of the that again. It's killing two birds with one stone. You get your credit built up Which is going to continue to increase your limits as well as give you an ability to to borrow money to do things that you want to do. But it's also giving your free airline tickets or cashback or Reward points for vacations or whatever so That's money that you're having to spend anyway. So why not fucking use. Use that to your advantage by doing both of those things in the process. Most people you know have bank drafts. You know that debit acs ach payments or whatever from From your bank account to pay certain bills whereas if you do that little bit of extra leg work and put it all on credit cards and pay him off then you get all that other other stuff too and so. That's an easy way to do it where you're not really having to do anything different than what you're already doing in terms of the money that you're spending it's just you're adding one step into that process that you do that for a few years and you'll see your credit go up significantly I do that with with business. Also my business expenses are are of course Astronomically higher than than my personal expenses. But i do that for both personal and business so that it It accomplishes the same thing so That's how that's how i do it and And how i've gotten my credit up into Where it's at now which is Which is excellent. But how i've got mine shitty. Alpay shit i'm just getting Credits a serious topic and business especially new business. So in.

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