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What's up what's that face for your voices wearing something is it also sounded like half speed you know I just got to change it up those curveballs I feel like I tend to do the same exact thing every time Tientsin sisters? Do I sound terrible. That one did that part. I didn't hear it until ready. Sorry You know man. Life happens was a long weekend. Saturday took about eight months but it was fun. I'm really talking about the whole day. And Moss L. is awesome. You went to the Permian event to That's plenty of fun. It was a good time. How did you guys? How'd you guys take Saturday? How's it how's your instead? It was really fun. Man Personally. Like for the Deejay said even though few hurdles to overcome oh also I need to apologize to Ukraine. Yeah I thought you. I thought you unplug some. I thought I did too. I was just up there like five in and all of a sudden. Everyone's looking at me and I was like there's no wires near hear me. I don't so the speakers blew out twice during my set and there was a power surge and then knocked the deck off completely which is always great. When people go to a deejay said they want they want to hear music? Stop but I'm point. I got mad at Chris Because Chris was just vibe in behind me on stage and I thought he unplug with his foot. Everyone's looking at me like I'm sorry. I was searching for answers but what I came out to that. Dj Man and danced. It wasn't Also while it's ob obviously we're sports radio show our fan bases. This is predominantly made up of men. I appreciate all the men that dragged their girlfriends or lady friends out to this fine party that we through on Saturday because it wasn't as big of a sausage party out and I had multiple many hours even say many people come up to me where the woman in the relationship was the lead the lead Fan. The guy was just kind of getting dragged. There's a surprising amount of women showed up at that said that they got the show. Thank thank you for dancing during the set it was certainly a more fun this time around for me personally. I thought the bands were absolutely great. I could hear local for WanNa from a distance. Unfortunately I didn't get to catch up. Most of their separate May Day. Was Mayday killed. It was fun. I guess billy must have killed killed it at the domino tournament because at one point I saw him at a table with a Mazda down I imagine where he goes deep into a domino tournament. And and you didn't do Karaoke. I wasn't doing Kerio. Yeah I didn't know one hundred percent sure it was. It was it limitation the dominoes tournament. Because I was just three games. Okay okay why didn't you do Karaoke. You just don't want to. We don't need to get into it very quiet playing dominoes. I know that that's probably not surprising. I think we like five words to each other said your game ninety recognize. You don't like him Ouchi. It's like I met them for the first time. They don't him which is fine. It's a shame because I thought you had planned to go to palace eighteen now. No they don't know who I am. Which is fine? I mean plenty of people took pictures like look at chilling like not really just a random draw they won they won their assassins really. Yeah how did they go. Did they win the whole thing. I have no idea who wasn't domino's like luck of the draw. Yeah yeah well mainly like if you get. Domino's is really nothing you can do about it but you need to know how to play like need to know strategy who you basically. When you're playing dominoes needs to be aware of what everybody's putting down what it is that they don't have? Yeah how many potential number threes there are left. For example. How many threes uses this person played? Okay they can't pause another three. Typically you just go and you're like well let me put down the highest dominant. They have they were starting games with a three and a five. What is happening? Double Nine. Why aren't you putting down you to nine nine? And you're like oh it's a three and a two and it's like wait what I was already thrown up so fast like ooh boom boom boom there like really quick really quick like head at one point. Someone was like yelling for George George and he was like so in the zone guys like he's playing dominoes and it's like okay. Everybody knows during the game between is taking pictures of everyone really nice but like one gains are going on his own him. It was taking pictures with everyone or was a man or a hospital that was the guy was getting everybody everybody. The volume showed me a picture of her and him. And I'm like that's not him. Yes yeah full bands. Mom I was at one point walking in one of my friends and he's like I was like where's horrid because I just wanted to see damn I hadn't even seen him yet and he's like there is. I'm like that is not worrying muscle like if that's Ori Mosque but all he is running a scam and he didn't show up tonight and he sent someone who looks like I was scrolling and through instagram and I saw a John for Mississippi called the local hour a couple of weeks ago who came down with his dad. Redshirt right. Yeah you're awesome. Yeah very nice guys but I was scrolling through his slide show and insecure. And he's like man. I got to meet the champ fake. It's not only the fake punt. His fists up it was a really close look alike I mean it could a bit his brother it could have been as could have been his brother. Okay but very clearly right when he comes into this Cleveland or studio puts down junk food. Like nobody's this guy. Is that guy very clearly. Did Not look like a professional really was fun that that was awesome ability. I since you were playing dominoes and I was doing the. Dj said on the other end. I didn't really get to see you all that much until the very end of the nine when people made an appearance. But what was in your experience like on the other side of the venue. It was nice it was a lot of people couldn't really walk like we were. After Domino's ended I was kind of stuck in the same spot for like forty five minutes. Just just talking to people which is nice. All Man I met Kohl. Did you guys got cool. I'm Michael Thought. Fam Person and it was star Star. Happy was taking so many pictures once they found out it was FA mission to become his handler. Like when I first met him like come on. We're going to go meet some beep and I was just like people would be like. Hey Billy how's it going. Hi I'm like you know and they're like yeah Z.. Here and I'm like boom right here next to me and then people will go. I know exactly what you're doing because there are times. Have you ever played like metal gear solid and you would like knock on the on the wall to get the The security guards attention like Oh what is that. I would sort of see like a huge dramatic people. Whenever was I had to go from either point eight point see and I would say hey man in a crowd would go really? It's sort of like walking dad where they always gravitate to make my path a little bit easier so I could go to the Tattoo. Hey man there's fa what stuck out to me. This moss us was the amount of different cities people came. Oh Yeah I feel like thirty states at least represented I'm telling you could just rattling rattling off Chicago. Pittsburgh Houston like unbelievable amounts of places that people flew in just for the event Denver. Insane like now the People from Miami people from aren't going to tell you. Hey I came in from Miami but most of the interaction. We're just like people that that that said that they were informatica. Tana's because my my go-to became where you from and I very rarely heard Miami. It was MOE's somewhere else. Drew drove over from Sarasota from Orlando Ndo flew in from Pie. It was insane man. It was so cool. Yeah from Connecticut. Also security a little lax. Perhaps I I have some feedback on on on the next month's Miami because backstage I'd just be like and who are. You weren't all that there was some there was one. There was these two guys from California that just had like hair that made you think like Oh these people have to be. Oh yeah those guys. One of the guys went on stage at one point. I was like talking with the guy so I was kind of cool them and then he went on stage and I kind of gave a look to the security like that guy's not supposed to be up there because they look like they would be your friend. Did that guy. Did they both kind of had a vibe to them and I was like. Are they with mayday. Mayday like not in the group but are they just like they got. It seemed as though they had you convince like wait. Are they with me right. There was two random other guys like listeners. Scenario that were kind of right near the entrance of the of the VIP's so they had a good spot at one point. I even said it on like this is a good spots. People are walking by and then a half hour later. Those two guys are in VIP. I P I'm just like you you too and my friends sort of like watch my. DJ's set from behind the sage and There was one point that my friend wrenching to stop Billy Corbin from getting to the stage because he thought Billy Corgan was simply a fan so during my said there was a point. Why turn and like Leo Billy Billy Gordon My friend is like getting sued Gorman my God Juju Gotti deserves a medal of honor? Yeah we gotta do something for him. I'm GonNa Tell Dan. Yeah No. I've already on. So this is another thing that could be improved on on the first on this Moss Miami was probably the communication ones you got like. They asked me. Hey the studio wanted to do a Tattoo booth and I just simply as Doodoo. Hey Dan Dan has this idea to have you work at booth for some Moss Miami. Sure there's something in it for you but The conversations will happen. Apparently that is the most conversation decision. That's that's the only conversation that you had so I walk out there and there's a huge line because Juju is a man of the people he's applying all these tattoos to people and he's like man. I'm so bummed. Miss your separate. I've been Joe. Couldn't move and then it was like go work dude I. I went up to one point before I saw you over there. I went up to do. You WanNa break you know him. He's like the best so he's just like I'm good. Yes so shortly. After my set I saw that I was like get the hell out of here like I then I just took over the top ten at one point after that when he was back doing it I tried to stop. I like guy in line and was just like no this. Is it the lines over you. Guys are animals with your tattoos but it was cool man. I spell them. Perhaps there should have been some shifts or a war with him. They're applying the tattoos and he's been handled handled the step and repeat where it's like. Okay you guys are taking photos for this time. Okay while then Roy. You're handling tattoos for this time in a block. Yeah I mean poor do got it. Does I think he likes it. But it's just at some point. It was like two hours in. Yes that's like. Yeah so but it was a good time that was is had by by all and hopefully I don't know if we're going to go an entire year without the next one because that was the wait time the last one that I had was last December so I don't know if there's GonNa be Dan's birthday thing but I really had a good time Moss Miami I. It's is a good time I'd like you guys must like a couple of people were like. Oh you guys got to take somebody you must. Hey it's like dude. Obviously if we had to live our lives living like that that would be exhausting but like for night. That's like amazing. Oh it was it was it was a day from hell right well like just because it was a long day for like you know even without the permanently live right. That's a very drained right. It's draining but it's it reminds me a lot of a wedding day. Yeah because it's just like people flashing in front of you and concepts you don't really retain any conversations and and but it's still like insane and like surreal that outweighed also shout out to only five people this time that said I've met you before. Thank everyone else. That was there that me before understands that I couldn't possibly remember a handful. I remember some people like. There's people that that that like. Yeah I have have a handful of people that I said that there are some people that are like no I was like I've made before because I feel like I see people and I'm like this is not the first time and there's a few staples else can't think of like this one guy's name. I'm picturing them. It's just like every event. Yeah that Gay Guy Stugotz here. This new brand commercial segment has been brought to you by old spice wet that defense and their longtime NFL spokesperson rookie. Montas sweat who they have always been a fan of and never once would run any other add to the contrary in FAC. The old spice would ever consider a person named sweat and real sweat as the same thing. That would be just crazy. Remind you that Montas sweats name. Name is sweat. He plays the feds. Old Spice. Wet Defense is superior defense against sweat incidence at different.

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