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Man i feel like we've you just keep talking about this hour but one more thing yes stammered economic my my happiest moment actually was jamie lancaster leaving searcy lancaster at the end of the show and there was a half a second for me slogan abc form the brother finally left the sister yes deal rocca yes scott swell in more ways than one uh yeah i mean yeah she called them which trader and like woods threatening him with the mountain the zombie mountain so even i knew she couldn't kill him because if she didn't kill tyrian there's no way she's gonna kill easily but there was still that half of a second my heart skipped a beat when the mound like unsheath his sword and i was like look holy crap no and then yeah obviously didn't pan out but they did the gummy for that have second with that noise she's deal like sliding out of a she feels a coop no you can't kill him i like him footsie i was like i was really proud of jamie for standing up for himself and sort of listening to brienne which i found so at the meeting that they have bryanne essentially issues like fuck loyalty like this is bigger than loyalty the night king and like all of the stuff that's coming our way we need to be fighting for the world's here we can't be fighting for like petty reasons so jamie takes that course of action or really believes in that and seriously is more still trying to politically maneuver and stay on the throne and stay in power so she lies to everyone and says we're going to march north with you and like fight the king with you and we're not gonna ask for anything return and aren't we so great.

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