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Inspired by a true story of one girl at the heart of Hollywood's most notorious murder upload this thing wide open. Girl. She's the key. But new limited series on AM the night. January twenty eighth at nine on TNT. This starters is presented by Jack Daniels old number seven and Tennessee. Honey. Back with the starter time to play a little fill in the blank trade. You've got some questions for third returns from all star fan voting came in today. And as you can see the song remains the same in the east. We've got Janas quiet and beedon the front court while Kyrie in D. Wade hold down the back court, west LeBron the dunk and Paul George or the tall is Stephan de rose or the smallest we got about four days left of voting. So fill in the blank the player who most needs all star. Support is blank. I think it's Blake Griffin or the pistons. If feels like he's becoming a bit of a forgotten, man. Even though he's averaging over twenty five points a game. He's eleventh in the league in scoring. It's not his fault that he has to do everything on his team, and they have fallen out of the Eastern Conference playoff picture is bounce back with all he can this season he'd working his butt off. And he would be very very fun in the all star game. He would be spectacular. Even those games a little bit more primer or entities days. He can still throw it down get them in there. It's because he's on Detroit though as well. I mean, that's just not a team that people watch a lot of note. What he's doing? But I'm going with Stephen Adams because I think it's underwrite at just how important he is to the Oklahoma City thunder. He's been brilliant has the highest net writing when he's on the court visits when he's off and oil. So I think in the Western Conference. These are the the forwards who are going to make it on the front Coa guys LeBron. Kevin durant? Anthony Davis Yokich, Paul George. Maybe don't you. I'm not sure what's going to happen there with him. So I think it's going to be a little bit tight for him. He's going to have to get in one of those wild card spots. But I think the coaches will respect what he's done. I just hope that he does get in. Because he doesn't have the flash if someone like Paul George or Yokich it gets a little bit more acclaim. But I think Stephen Adams has been just as important to the thunder as anyone else on that thing. It's a good one. I'm going to stump for deer and FOX this FOX can't even sniff the top ten in the Western Conference guards here. I think that's a joke. He's averaging eighteen seven and four on one of the league's most surprising teams in the kings are twenty three and twenty one here. Admit january. That's rare with forty seven percent from the floor. Thirty seven percent from three. He does a little thing called defense as well. We haven't had a. Kings guard just guard here make the all star team since Doug Christie, Mitch Mitch rich way back when over a decade. I don't think I don't think. So to think FOX is going to make this all star team. But you got to start laying the groundwork. You've got to start looking a year or two ahead. So if I start saying this meeting the Bush here beating the Bush saving the book. I'm thinking FOX's in the bushes. And all that aiding the drum beats and if I ever heard one. All right. Beating the Bush never heard of that before. But where we're going. We don't need laces because earlier this week Nike and build the first ever auto racing basketball shoes. The Nike adapt BB tightens up on your foot through a smartphone app..

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