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Which is darkness. And no hope, and it's done. And you're out. But you have a say about it. You do. You have a say. And I believe that if I can explain that to you, just a little bit and it can help you in some kind of way in your life sometimes when you do feel like you're going down that freaking corridor to the dark place that you can stop and go towards the light. And that's what a fighter and I believe that to a certain extent that's what Comey did. And what other fighters that we've seen as kind of action. This kind of response. This kind of refusal to be taken to that final place where you're conscious. We on the floor. And I believe that's what it was. I believe that Comey was just saying, just like the fictional character in the rocky movie, Balboa was saying, no, I'm not, I'm not going there. I'm not getting hurt anymore. And I thought the brains of the brilliance of loman checker was different and some fighters as the way his technique, the level of his technique, along with his physical abilities, and his athleticism. But he's not a big puncher. He's not a huge puncher, but he hits you clean he can archer, and he hits you from different angles, but his technique. You know, making a mess, making your pay, you know, his legs. He reminds me early on. He reminded me of a young Pacquiao where Pacquiao's legs, not just his hands, was so explosive, that so fast that he could close a hole. He could close the gap so quick on you, you couldn't do nothing about it. You know, just close the guy bang. And he hit you. And that's what Roman chuckles doing with those left hands. He was just closing a gap on him so fast. And Colby couldn't react to a quick enough. Because of the legs. Everyone looks at their hands and say, oh, look at this quick hands. But his legs are what sets that up. His legs are what makes that possible. And I also at the very beginning can I try to see everything. I think you know that by now you in camp for me, you know, you got to have a habit of picking your nose while I'm walking by the ring. I might say, hey, you're picking your knobs. The cameras are coming in a little while. You get that done. Get that finished, all right? So I saw when they walked out and a lot of people are going to say, what? I saw when they walked out. Now, Comey, and I like the kid, I just told enough good things about him. He said, and what a game kid. But he walked out like somebody, you know, going to New York for the first time walking around and seeing all the sites. He walked out like he was sightseeing that he was not in a bad way, but he was happy with swollen. He's looking around. He's noticing people. He's looking he's saying he'll always see he's shaking hands. He's, again, he's like a guy like almost like a tourist. And listen, he got in there and he showed great heart. He was so great physical strength. Everything. But I'm just saying something that that seemed to be his attitude is maybe that's what kept him loose. Fine. But wow, what a stock difference from. If you notice such things of watching lomon shackle, that guy was walking. He was walking at a brisk pace to get to work. Like a guy like he's walking breast straight ahead, nothing else I'm getting to work. And I'm getting his freaking dropped on. And then I'm going home. I mean, that was the first thing I noticed was, yeah, yeah. That says, and then when I look at his father and then you look at some other guys, you know, whether it's a corner, I mean, forget about Lopez's father a few weeks ago, oh my God. But, you know, but you look at his father, loman chuckles father. It's like looking at Bill Belichick. I mean, he's got the personality of an onion, right? I mean, he's got the, you know, not in a bad way, but I mean he's got put it this way. He's got not the personality because once you get to know mister lowman chakra, you know he's a smart thoughtful man. But when you first look at him and you hear him, well, the first thing strikes him strikes you you don't hear him. You don't hear him unless he has to say something. So he is, he's not that flamboyant guy, he's Bill Belichick. You ever hear Bill Belichick? You were loved of patriots had short team. Bill bell checked out a press conference. I mean, I mean, you know, you're not, you're not going to mistake him, you know, being Mick Jagger, right? I mean, I know what you mean. He's just a great business there. Guy is all business. Yeah, ask him a question. So I was like, what did I go by? Well, we could have done that. We went. He goes..

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