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Was a senior political science major from Robbins Ville, New Jersey, Jim Chris Ilda CBS news on the weather. Watch south you can expect an area of rain to become more widespread some showers and some thunderstorms Tuesday. Then by the time, we get to Wednesday Thursday people in the mid Atlantic to the northeast can expect some areas of rain and potentially some gusty winds special on coast forecaster Richard bond, and this is CBS news progressive insurance pick from a range of coverage options with the name your price tool to find a price that works for you. Find out more at Progresive dot com. Watch never stops. On Detroit's number one news station. Radio nine fifty w w. Saturday evening. Thanks checking in on this March thirtieth. I'm Dana Clark for W w j NewsRadio nine fifteen zero Witter baby over, but we get a little shot a snow here this evening with a Cody to an edge watch for icy spots that complete AccuWeather forecast. Coming up light snow. Thirty three degrees w w j news time eleven oh. Three and early morning. Shootout in Inkster wasn't what did I seem to be Michigan state police say an investigation revealed the alleged victim accidentally shot himself in the leg. But lied to officers saying an unknown suspect had pulled the trigger. He told investigators had happened while he was driving his car near Avondale and middle belt around three thirty. He's in custody at a local hospital facing possible charges a felony firearm, a mysterious death in northern McComb counties. Bruce township which is near Romeo has police looking for answers MSP troopers say they found a sixty two year old woman dead inside her mobile home near Van Dyke and thirty three mile around eight Friday morning. The death is now being investigated as a homicide. One suspect is in custody. An autopsy will be completed on Monday the patience of to metro Detroit. Police officers helped save the life of a distressed man WW days at Clark with that story. The call came in Tuesday night to the Romeo. Police department of a man acting erratically outside of a local business one of their coworkers wasn't acting normal and had said a few things that caused them to think that something wasn't right with them. And they were they had a.

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