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Really understand what it is. We were doing you kind of have to write a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't work and throw it away. You know that is a great guy and a very talented writer. And he was a great collaborator. Oh that's great. Yes sometimes you kind of have to a journey sometimes leads you or do you need to go. Even though you don't use throw away some of the stuff you used on the way but that's the main thing is to get there so let's that and you did and you did. Thank you bake really. I think what also resonated with me is And also good disea- david niki from stargate in there too but as a principal. They're both parents are arguing in the his office. And they're arguing about You know what's best for For william and he rightly says that's a decision he has to make and i think that's important because we all do that are sometimes our parents kind of have their idea of what they wanna see and some parents are more forceful on that than others but basically it comes down to a person's decision and i thought the film touched on that very nicely to thank you Something we've done a few screenings preview screenings recently in a bunch of people come up to me afterwards and said thank you for making a movie about standardized testing. I didn't think that that's in there to You know he says his cognitive pattern is different. You know he. It's not a question of intelligence. He he just thinks differently And advice the all kinds of people in All kinds of people in our society now wise was everything. Shot pretty much in the same area or did you have to travel a bit. Well everything was shot in the vancouver area so You know around vancouver and a beautiful beautiful place And had a diversity of location types. You know we shot some material on the campus of university of british columbia. And that's a an amazing spot and then the island that the mom takes into It's called bowen island. It's right there. Take a ferry. There you know the salary was in a a nice Beautiful metaphor for her trying to seclude him from society and all of that Yes great location. Yeah dan cooper going to be. I'll be there next week. Oh cool i. I also saw him. Being on the boat also ferryboat was also him kind of kim. Breaking away a little bit. Yeah like every young man must you know he he wants yeah exactly way in the world and he wants to make a connection wants to connect with people who like we all do. Yeah yep absolutely no some wonderful themes in this movie that really stands out to really neat film and i certainly hope it gets a lot of attention because it deserves it. it's it's really a first class. What's up for you next well. I have a producing partner on this movie. Bill haney or producer In has just directed a an amazing documentary. Movie called breakthrough. Which is about a cancer researcher named jim allison created the first immuno oncology drugs and just won the nobel prize. So that's an amazing project product. That's out there now I i have a documentary film project. That i'm just starting developing ideas for another feature super excited to.

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