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Dot com. i'm dave grave line. I'm chris grave line. This portion of into tomorrow is brought to you in part by blueberry podcasting. You know new podcasters may need some. Help setting everything up blueberries. Top not support team is ready to help you. Just like they helped us. Just go to be l. u. b. r. y. Dot com boy. Did we need a lot of help. And they were there for us. Dennis in slidell louisiana. Welcome into tomorrow. I can use google maps but on the truck driver. Google map sometimes sends me down roads. That i shouldn't be on. Is there a good google maps out there and i would like to have one that also showed radar so i know where it's raining. We'll dennis there are. Gps like apps made specifically for truckers. Look into something like hammer truck. Map or trucker path has just three examples right there. They're all designed for professional drivers with the kinds of needs and restrictions. That every day car drivers don't need to deal with like finding wait for example finding diesel and spotting the best prices among the things. You know we haven't seen any that incorporates a weather radar as a map overlay so you need to keep whether app handy for that task but you should be able to at least enjoy routing that applies to the size and weight of your vehicle. You're driving and be able to find some extra information that applies to you your needs without having to buy a physical truck. Gps like a garment diesel or a rand. Mcnally ted down there you go. We always want to look at saving you money. What happ- do you use for Radar for you know. Weather radar accuweather. Which is really accu about half the time. It goes so far as to tell me my current location. You know how long until it starts raining. It even gives me kind of a graph. You know this will be a light rain for the next twenty minutes and then it becomes a heavy rain and so it kind of does that. This is helpful and on my android. An app called my radar and again. These are free apps. You didn't pay for your north. And i didn't pay for this one and it tends to show you. It's usually ten minutes behind but you certainly know what you might be going into so you can do that. And it'll show you weather radar in terms of rain and snow and santa claus. Check it all out. Visit us at into tomorrow. Dot com bringing you the latest and consumer electronics technology. This has been into tomorrow with dave grave line to participate with dave and his tech geniuses and win prizes. Anytime twenty. four. Seven us our free into tomorrow app for your iphone android and networks available in your app store or call one eight hundred eight nine into. That's one eight hundred eight nine nine four six eight six issue to visit our website any time to read our show notes and watch our it tv video at into tomorrow dot com and join us next week as we bring you further into tomorrow..

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