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50. When we last left Scottie Pippen, Scottie Pippen in a wide ranging interview with gentlemen's quarterly Said a lot of stuff while uh, sipping on and pimping his very own brand bourbon. Other thing. They got the headlines and the interest of Kevin Durant is when Scottie Pippen said that Kevin Durant did not know how to play team basketball. Hell in comparison to what he said on today's Dan Patrick show. Dropping bombs. Kevin Durant, that was tame stuff. Bam, Scottie Pippen. The floor is all yours, bro. Because we are backing away from this. Help me understand the GQ article where you talked about the 1994 playoff game when You refused to go back in the game and fill set up the play for Tony Ku coach. Well, I mean, it's not much to be said if you go back and look at one Scottie Pippen in at the Bulls, and when Tony Ku coach notables and who deserved the last shot of the game. No, no, no, I understand that, Scotty, I'm just going by what you said. You said you need to read between the fine lines. And then you go on to say it was a racial move to give him Tony KU coach arrive. So I mean, if you knew that Scottie Pippen have been with the Bulls from 87 bellowed through the Pistons. And every other team. That we had to get to those three championships when you give Scotty Pippen one opportunity to get a last second shot without Michael Jordan, like one year without Michael Jordan. But if you talk to Phil about this because it by saying a racial move, then you're you're calling fill a racist. I don't got a problem with that. Do you think Phil was or is Oh, yeah. Yeah. Whoa, man, weren't you? Whoa! Wow. What? My man is tripping Scotty trip in hell. Whoa! Oh, whoa. But you want to know what's Wilder that basically said that Phil Jackson is a racist, and that's why he would give you the ball. Even though I'm remembering correctly, there was a while ago. I believe Scottie Pippen miss two consecutive shots before that, that time out, and before that play that Phil Jackson designed to give the ball to Tony Ku coach could be wrong. I don't think that I am but you know it was wild. What He just said that that was wild. He also said that the reason Michael Jordan passed the ball to Steve Kerr was because he knew the cameras were on him. He did it for the show, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, somebody who has more confidence in himself that any person does in himself on the planet. Gave the ball to Steve Kerr because he thought he would make great theater. Go home. Scottie Pippen, you drunk? Wait, seriously. Sure, That whole thing was about that whole conversation with Kerr. Was all about a documentary according to Corner Scarry. I mean, talk about I mean, we've always said Jordan's cool in the moment. But if high If he's thinking documentary at that point, then he's far cooler than anything in the last dance 30 years ago. The pressure, my man, four dimensional chess is played. Yeah, I had one of those Infinity stones travel back and forth like he knew it was coming, and they know Larry Levitt disagree with you. Scottie Pippen does not need to stop. Please keep going. Eventually he's going to get to the Illuminati and the Bilderberg group. And he's going to get to why there's a pyramid with an eye on it on the back of our money because he's going full, crazy ass conspiracy theorist and I love it. Damn he just straight out. He was saying, feels a racist. Any problem with that? Oh, he's and then don't just second, then bad. You say it was the stuff that he said was so crazy. We didn't even mentioned he dropped Three third person, Scottie Pippen's in there. Do that, three of them Damn three of them, And that wasn't even like that. That's that's like on Page seven. Honey, that doesn't even like who cares? Dang this dude fan. It's wee while and man he is violent. He is out in the streets without the shirt. And he is just shooting guns in the air. Like Yosemite. Sam. What yourself? What's he selling all sorts of crazy? I'm not drinking that bourbon. If it makes you talk, all spicy like that get divorced behind that stuff. I mean, he signed a bad contract. And is this is this just He's chasing money on the back end here because I mean, my goodness, I don't know, man. That's him. Just flat out embarrassing. I mean, I don't want to go to any more bulls reunion like like I'm done. You're racist. And you did it for the show. Like the two most popular guys in Chicago. He just kneecap both of them. Man. I get that Phil Jackson has had some problematic stuff, but to say that he gave the shot to Tony Ku coach because he's racist. That's to wild this blank. I've ever heard. Who's advising him. Aubrey half? Yeah, Come on. Don't mention it Tuesday. Come on, do I've been seriously let's just keep it all focused on Scottie Pippen, because yo, my man I just got here. This summer, making it hot arts. Wow. Dad is like Scotty, you weren't that great of a shooter. Bano, You're Jordan. Damn! Oh my God, A guy who was all about winning and how many rings as Phil Jackson have 10 11 10 11 like that will have a player and coach. I believe as I had 11 as a coach. And Phil Jackson allowed his According to Scottie Pippen, races, beliefs to to color his Bam, his coach should never addressed that ever. He should just never dreamed..

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