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Independence Hancock. Aaron Bangor Maine at the warehouse. Would Mr Derek snoopy here in Maine Maine Maine Maine where it's semi like Chile? You know they got turned that down now. I'm you know getting a delay on my. We're doing to test test and every little task test test test test. Is it thing on? You know there you got it all right good there. We go now what we're GONNA do today. We're GONNA give you a recap of stuff and then talk about talk about that. We should not be talked about run by. Then we're going to do. They ever getting texts here and make sure everything's going out and they can hear and everything's get every August. We good so I still need to like stuff. We have a man. It's a it's a it's a thing you know. We got all this install in the studio tables and everything now On the bus. We have the figured here on Derek's desk and it's let me tell you it's a lot of a lot of a lot of what is it. A lot of wires flyers. Why lots and lots. And lots of wires it only prototype holy crap. Well one of the things. Is that the sound when you do this. You have a lot of opportunities for harm and this and that you got to get the right cables and you and you get more and you get extra and three different kinds and task converts going. Pretty good. I get the feedback. You guys on the telegram. We have a group on Telegram Declare Your Independence Learners Tan. Kok on telegram. And I think it's declare your independence. Whatever you put that in there so declare your independence ernest hand. Cocker declare your independence. And you'll get into the telegram group and there's others quite a few people there. There's at least forty fifty people or something forty nine forty nine. So yes today. We're going to break fifty being promoted that really it just kind of took off you know people inviting other people. We've probably put it up on the main page. Yeah not yet. Let's get you know everything all done because this is kind of you know the fam- you know a lot of these guys are people we know and they participate. You know because once it starts. Can you delete people? Can you go? You can't play. Yeah you can you know all right that'll come you know. It's always a trolling of the whatever you know. There's been a couple of spammers. Come in promoting this or that you know. Go to my website. Page of text again like three. Yeah it's not too bad but yeah I will manage it. S declare your independence and freedom of. I believe you know I'm really tolerant. I don't care you know you can say whatever I don't give a crap but if you're not sincere and you just being a ahead next you know. I'm just because you don't want to make it to where it's not usable by the people that are serious about learning they wanNA share. That WANNA learn chilly. I remember the Internet in the ninety s the nineties you would put a question and it would get answered by a PhD lawyer. Judge doctor you know a Canon of somebody knew what the hell was going on. And they love to share then the troll started. Yep I know some of those trolls. Yeah Yeah Yeah I need anti troll button. That's definitely what. Where do I do? My headset is if you don't mind really loud. I'm sorry waiting on some more equipment. Okay so we got that to deal with. I can kind of almost SORTA here myself I Must I love the sound of my voice. Obviously because I you know. That's one of the settings you see everybody up crank apologetic minds like really down. That was one thing in the studios tearing radio in Phoenix. I one time I went into the control room and they had this little piece of masking tape all the way down on the Mike Ernie has his way. It is something to do with my voice boxes or something. Keep every keeps telling me passionate about what you're saying that it's the is is to pitch frequency. Thank you know. There's something that makes it where I don't need a megaphone. Just talking just to make my vocal chords move. I you know it's almost like it's in the car I.

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