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What from all reports say you're only person they offered the job to was Matt leflore on. I do I goes Matt leflore over Josh mcdaniels. I just think they were so impressed with him. And again, I think being part of the Sean McVay coaching tree right now means more than the NFL them being part of the Bill Belichick coaching tree as strange as that sounds. I think it's true, Sean McVay is I don't know who you compare them. So it's like a hot director, right? Like just pick a director. That's. Early thirties. That's just a phenomenal director all all sorts of talent. And if you worked on his movie set while, you know, just through the process of osmosis, you should be a good director too. I don't Sean McVay hasn't won a playoff game yet. No. And I don't think he's gonna win Sunday either the Cowboys could upset them, but it just seems like Shaw McVeigh's that really hot commodity. If you've even just shaking, the great McVeigh's. And then you're going to be held a coach as we've seen it does not work that wasn't always worth as by. Evidence by bell coaching tree. We've we agree bell. Check by far and away the best in NFL his corners have done deadly is trees dying. It's not a good tree. Andy Reed's coaching tree. Who's I think Andy Reid? You can make the case is the second best coach in the NFL. Although there's other coaches besides bell. Check that have one Super Bowls Reed has not won a Super Bowl, but his coaching tree is bountiful. Yes know, and that's why Eric by enemy who's the offense coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs. That's another name that I would have liked to see gone to Green Bay just seems like you take the offense coordinator under Andy Reid ship them away somewhere else. And they do quite well as we saw with Matt Nagy taking the bears twelve and four not a great performance by Matt Nagy on Sunday in the lost the eagles. But nonetheless, he got a five and eleven team to win twelve games. Yeah. I think he did a good job coaching the team. I wouldn't say it was the most dynamic offense in the world and the bears defense really carried quarterback, but football focused, by the way. The ten best players on the bears are all on defense that. So like more talent often Nagy did it with a lot of tricks. I told you I don't think I never thought Trubisky was just okay. But in terms of coaching and Matt leflore? Why I was curious to me because. Okay. Yeah. Maybe he didn't have the weapons on the titans. But it did seem like a pretty basic rudimentary offense pound the ball with Derrick Henry well that work late. And again a lot of Packers. Support people Cousy who we had on before the patriots Packers game. The Packers fans what they always wanted them to do more of which they got away from was using two running backs and then throwing off the two running backs, which I think is a as a great concept because it kind of can can get the defense of sorts and McCarthy stopped doing that. Mccarthy used to throw off a three Bax in the backfield. If you look back to the patriots Packers game in two thousand fourteen you'll see some really creative offensive sets by the Packers, which they just stopped running the last several years. So I think if he does that that that's going to be a good thing. And in a lot of Packers fans want to at least somewhat create a running game. Now, they don't have Derrick Henry, but they've got some good backs. Some talent on the offensive line. And it always seems to be hurt. Everybody on the team always seems to be hurt by the way. We've heard that Aaron Rogers in week one in that game against Chicago Bears. We came back after hurting his knee it play the entire year with a with an ACL with a with a tornado Seattle, and that comes from Christians friend that used to be at barstool sports, the punter that McAfee McAfee no longer with barstools sports. He did caller on the last game of the season. The Packers in the lions Roger's got can in that game. And during the pre-game production meeting Rogers told him that he actually had suffered. They feared a torn ACN. Okay. But again, he wasn't himself this year. So my point being is that seems always hurt. But what do you want to see his x rays? Yes. Okay. We'll get those. We'll subpoenas on his birthday give birth certificate. You don't think he was born in notes. No, I don't know. I don't wanna see presidents with probably probably Gordon can you with Barack Obama guess so long form birth? Along get from northern California where he was born in both parents probably throw away the birth certificate, if they don't speak to them, but we don't know about coaching picks because a lot of them look, really good. And then they're not in some of them you kinda scratch your head, and they turn out to be pretty good like Frank Reich was the second choice worked out. Good for the colts. Yeah. It's I mean, we don't know until they get the job when I say yesterday was you have to look at your team, and sort of understand where you're at internally and the Packers are in a different situation than most teams don't they have right way coaches the ask Wayne right away. And they know they have an established quarterback there, which is atypical of a team that has a coaching vacancy. They usually disease usually don't have a top five quarterback. Yet doesn't have a top a most of the times it's up to quarter. Right. And now you've got you gotta get him sold on your program. You gotta fix whatever issues you have with defense. And I pointed out to you guys a lot this year. They went six nine and one they could have very easily been ten and six I mean, they weren't a lot of close games that they lost. They got robbed against Minnesota with the late hit on clay Matthews. A roughing the passer call they ended up losing an tying in overtime. They they should have won that game. Could have beat the Rams of time. Montgomery doesn't fumble. They like four or five games. Like that one or two plays. Either way. You know, maybe they're ten and six I think it's a good job for that sense. I don't think the cupboard's bare and they're gonna keep Mike Patton on as defensive coordinator. Which I kind of like because I saw the defense get better this year than it was the year before. But again that was like that. I think if you're hiring new head coach just let him do what he's saying that he would have interviewed Petten no matter where he went to be as defensive coordinator. But I'm wondering if Green Bay said part of the deal is you? Head coach, but is gonna remain as defensive coordinator. I don't think the Packers who have endless amount of money because they don't have an owner are going to be penny pitching saying, well, you know, you have a whole new coaching staff here. We've got gotta pay these guys. Anyway, I don't think that they operate like that. Yeah. I I think that it can create conflict potentially because he's not your guy. But that's besides the point in talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and in the coach and all that the biggest thing is getting him on Aaron Rodgers goes the Packers go so while we hearing these reports that he wasn't going to be involved in the head coaching decision. I think that's silly. Of course that if that's the route they decided to go and that was a mistake because if he's not on board, and you can't get him excited about the head coach, then you're not going anywhere period. I mean, all he's your quarterback. And he is one of the very best players in the league. He's got to be sold on this move. That absolutely has we've heard that. Sam darnold was going to be involved in the process with the jet Sam darnold, who's a rookie. Yeah. If he's going to have a say on who's the next head coach of the jets? You would think Aaron Rodgers has it say and who the next head coach? And let's flip it to New England and say ballot. Check retired and mcdaniels at already moved on somewhere to be a head coach Tom Brady who'd be consulted a little bit like, Tom. What do you think of the situation new coordinator me or or head coach bell? Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. I'm sure. Oh. Without a doubt. Why wouldn't you? Yeah. I that's why I'm saying. And I find it hard to believe that Aaron Rodgers would say, yeah. Give me Matlin flurry instead of Josh mcdaniels. We don't know. Maybe he I don't think he was involved at all these are all viable questions. I mean, I I would think now I don't know what the relationship is would mcdaniels maybe mcdaniels wasn't impressive in the interview, maybe mcdaniels. Maybe you're right. Maybe he took himself out of the running. Maybe said, you know, give them a call after you know, what I'm just going to stay here. And maybe he's got an inkling that bell. Check has two years left and he takes over after two years. But with quarterback why is that better unless he just loves it here. With the owner going brought that up he's making four million a year. It's not like he's not being well compensated. Yeah. You guys have questions about whether he's going to go somewhere else. I think it's over. He said the book is closed on new coaching. You also said he was going to be coaching the colts, ROY. Carey said he's staying here. Josh mcdaniels is a guy who likes to dangle his name out there, and then pull back I think he's just getting it over with. This is gonna come point where no one's going to take him seriously. Why waste an interview on a guy that was going through the motions? If there's one team they will the patriots. Right. They'll look at him when Belgium decides to hang up, and when is that? Belgium has done. This year is not say anything. And that's why saying again four million dollars is a lot of money to pay coordinator. It's the most of any coordinator and football stilts as much as some head coaches make I've always been the mindset thinking there's got to be something else to this is due to end just paying for a million dollars just sitting tight in. I don't know when but the problem is at some point the quarterback is going to be gone. And you'd better draft the next guy like now or the other possibility doesn't want to be head coach that could be two guys like being second in command. Absolutely some people like being vice president not president. So Tony soprano like being second in command of the mall because actually it was more profitable for him. But he says his great job here. He loves doing what he's doing. Emily may like it any he may may turn them off what happened in Denver distress. Obviously isn't as big as a head coaching job. Nope. He's getting paid four million dollars some guys just like Wade Phillips at this. Now, wait Phillips's bene- head coach several times. And actually a pretty good one. He was he was pretty successful. Buffalo denver. And with the Cowboys well over five hundred nearly six hundred percent winning percentage sixty percent winning percentage. But at this point in life again, he's seventy two so he's just content to be defensive coordinator. You don't have to deal with the media. You don't have to deal with all those questions and not worrying about where is our on certain nights where with mcdaniels you would still think he's what forty one he's like a forty hour who is like the same age as Brady with think someone of that a lot of coaching left in head coach. Right. But maybe maybe Christians, right? Maybe just very very content to be second in command. He's getting to work. Why you crediting? That I'm the one who said it, you know, you both right today. We've talked to a four, and I was dealing with. That said, yes, I said Cleveland would be if you went anywhere. But my overall take was he would go nowhere. He would stay with the patriots. Yeah. I just didn't see him leaving the Green Bay Cleveland. Both jobs are good jobs. You would think going forward that mcdaniels reason just doesn't seem like he wants? That Green Bay was a home run fit for him in terms of anywhere. He could go. I just legacy. There was a better job being offered. The head coach of the giants. Don't you patriots next year? We don't. Yeah. We don't know. But other than that. I don't see I seemed like to me the stars aligned for nobles. Where's he going to find a better quarterback than going to Green Bay? Baker Mayfield is just better than he's young. And he could be someday be good while. And there was a story in some like, local Cleveland, Ohio papers saying that Josh mcdaniels was very much up on trying to get what the coaching the Cleveland that's the second best job..

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