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Good to see your face. I know i love you. You're my. You're my hope. Obi wan you're my only clue is your like. You're like my little java. The hut like hold this immense power over me and the entire galaxy. You're an unlikely unlikely source of galactic power. No you're my little princess lay. I love you thank you on. We're missing clayton today. He's off making olivia rodrigue. Oh a superstar and for that we think him for his service if he could just give us like a one percent of what. he's given. Olivia rodriguez would we be superstars. Known just kidding klay work so hard clays the hardest working person in the world. He works seven days a week and then like three sixty five literally. It's so crazy but by the way how cool is it that he's with like whoever was saying the next taylor swift lake. It's really cool. Like you always read about those glam teams that have been with someone for years like you're such an intimate part of their life like i'm obsessed with like scott. Barnes like j.lo's longtime makeup artist. And like you know. These people have name recognition like their famous in their own right in the hair and makeup committee. Like claes a legend. I know he's it's so cool and her music is incredible. Like i just think it's so exciting that they're together i want i want i want more. I love that. He's hitched his wagon to olivia and lord knows. I'm going to hitch my wagon to clay. I want any residual heat fat. We will get it Curling how're you. We have today of of very special human episode. We have so many great questions from the glow means And i know we posted on instagram. Where sorry releases but we've had some major scheduling problems like legitimately amongst the three of us. Were all very busy in our own right. And there's been some health things going on so we do apologize. Were here now. We are getting. We're gonna give you guys a warning or getting ready to take another hiatus which is just something that we've all discussed that no one. No one of us wants at all But we felt like it was you know given all the releases we had to do recently over like this kind of the only option at least for the summer dude. Don't wanna be disappointing. People like left and right. We don't do this podcast to like disappoint people laid. We should only do it. If we can. Within the limits of our schedule like release new episodes that make people feel good and make us. You'll happy but you know that's just not the cards right now but as soon as we started we brought back glowing up as a way to cope during the pandemic. I know that is. That's i totally forgot about that. We were both just like were doing nothing all day. We will do this thing. We love with each other exactly and you know things are different. The world's opening up like. I'm eating oysters like three to four times a week. Quake no but in all seriousness. Like we'll have such busy. Schedules like esters gearing up to shoot doll face soon. Like i'm working on a bunch of shows. Clay works ninety hour weeks on. Libya rodriguez braids. Like the it's it's virtually impossible but like the reason we don't sound sad right now is because we all love each other so much and we think that the chemist. I think that the chemistry between us is so great. And i love recording with you guys. And i know god speak too soon but i know that we'll be back in one form or another. Yeah this is not the end of the road. We have plans We we're not letting go of you guys forever. And i'm certainly not letting go of these two superstars forever. So that's why we're kind of this My attitude towards goodbyes. You know like it's not really goodbye like to do more it we're gonna figure it out where we're pressing pause but when we pick back up will be exactly the same yes. Sometimes it's important to take a beat away like look at what was working what wasn't working. Like how can we fired esters. Now our editor and that was better for the podcast. She's amazing audio editing. I mean not to be like so boring in serious but it's true it's like sometimes to grow a company. This isn't a company but the analogy of to step back and assess your supply chain and make sure every piece of it is working efficiently because like if you just keep barreling forward and you don't address the root issues of like okay like what's a better way that we can record. That doesn't like isn't impossible with our schedules. Like sometimes it's important to build that infrastructure. Step back and come back harder. I love that analogy so much. Because you know i love pretending that i am my own company. You are your own company. So i'm in you're so right. Our supply chain is a little wackadoo. It's a little low and we need to fix it. figure it out and then come back stronger anyways anyway. Shut the hell up to these questions that we have been so thoughtful and asking us. I'm so sad. Klay can't be year because there's some great questions for him. But unfortunately esther and i have to answer the questions for us. We will get his questions next time. Okay so shall we start with a couple of these. General questions are so many good ones. Yeah i i like this one right here. What are thoughts on taylor swift. I love that one. I'm so happy you straight to that. 'cause i first of all esther and i have both met taylor swift together. I forgot you've riches like thet right there. Any any answer has to start with that. Like she's the most famous celebrity. I've ever met and i was with esther when it happened. And why the dodd about that. Let's remind everybody we were. Snl after party we had just watched a performance carolina. I'll never forget this. Do you remember when they they're finished performance. And then her and her dancers immediately. When the lights went down they all ran to each other. And we're like hugging jumping and like celebrating. They did the performance. I mostly remember your reaction because you're like oh my god that's so cute. I would have never noticed that. But like that's what we used to do in dance class like you had this whole unlocked this whole like friendship memory for you. It was so key anyways then we went to the after party esther then her element just like bouncing from like snl cast member s. Cast member dislike yakking. It up with tiffany haddish who hosted that week and like her melissa villase. Bsn your who have like all this history together. And i'm dislike like holding a drink like standing right behind. Astor hoping i get some down wind like comedy energy just like hey like i'm esther's friend like we host a proud cash together and most obvious in your and taylor swift at apparently really bonded that week because they both. It's a cat thing. I think people seem like they're both super into their cats in like kinda cute little weirdos. You know ho- cat. Girls are so and i love 'em so melissa taylor were talking. And then this part's kind of fuzzy to me. But i do distinctly. Remember esther being like we have to meet her like. It is not an option. We're not leaving without meeting her. Like you are so dead. I will like crumble in those moments. It'd be like no. I don't wanna bother her but esther was like no. No you just stand right there. Esther mom up hard and like in my head. It was just like oh well of course. We're going to meet her like she's gonna be at the party with us. She's gonna be chatting with our friends like in my mind and i was like this is easy like this happening. I was about really high stakes to me..

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