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For nations to confront climate change together it comes as donald trump has said he'll make a decision this week on whether to keep the united states in the paris climate accord good terrorists address the president's address the new president's stance raw the without mentioning him by name his with some one convinced that person it's the same with administrations so we got engaging with america administration on that we believe it will be important for the us not leave the agreements qatar has spoken experts warned that a us departure from the package could cause a catastrophic domino effect in south africa incumbent president jacob zuma its popularity has hit an alltime low a new poll by ipsos shows the majority of south african voters want zuma to resign bloomberg's michael cohen has more the the ruling african national congress went too quickly serious scandal in may two thousand two in other peters current bloomberg daybreak europe and finally french president mccall has the confidence of fifty seven percent of french voters according to a poll by harris interactive it compares to a confidence rating of fifty four percent full false loaned in his first month us president globalise twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty six hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm calls than this is bloomberg caroline thank you so much marcus now with expose his children today experience to make.

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