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Back with some friends. Grab a few cold ones. I was at the ballpark with my buddies. Just the other day and life doesn't get better the ball game and a couple of brews. You deserve more moments just to do where you don't have to pretend you're craving a fancy schmancy drake when what you really want is a great tasting beer. That won't fill you up so when you're craving good vibes and great memories grab your friends and the taste you can depend on miller lite everything changes but you can still depend on the taste of miller. Lite is the original light beer and that's not changing anytime soon. Miller lite has been the light beer with the great taste since nineteen seventy five and this is what makes it an easy choice so next time. You're getting ready to enjoy coal ones with the crew. Goethe miller lite dot com forward slash. Rob parker to find delivery options near you or you can pick up some miller lite pretty much anywhere. They sell ear. It's miller time celebrate responsibly. Miller brewing company milwaukee wisconsin ninety-six calories and three point two carbs per twelve ounces. It's getting warm out which means it's time to start planning your next outdoor adventure. The four broncos port was built with adventure seekers in mind. Pack up your things and hit the road with this four by four. Suv that's compatible with any trip. It was created to help. Make your journey's easy comfortable impossible. It features a high performance off road. Stability suspension system available offroad capabilities and seven available gold modes to go over any type of terrain. The terrain management system includes five stared go modes sand slippery sport echo normal so you can get wherever you need to go and explore beyond the paved path. It also has available advanced four by four with twin clutch rear-drive unit. It comes in multiple colors and there are tons of available add ons like an interior bike rack or rooftop tents to prepare you for whatever your venture requires so check out the twenty twenty one four broncos sport and make it. Your new travel companion built wild built for proud. it's time for the pocket protector. Centro the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson is his name. Bs analytics is gay. What do you got for me. Anthony on the heels of one of the craziest trade deadline's in history. The contenders who added one of the twenty three former stars who swapped teams will look to make their playoff push over the next two months. The ringers ben. Lindbergh had a fantastic breakdown of all the madness that transpired. according to baseball reference and their wins above replacement metric the remorse trains made in july sixty two and combine year to date. War traded fifty eight point two than any other years since the deadline was pushed to the end of july. Back in nineteen eighty six considering. The previous highs intrigues were forty six in two thousand eighteen and forty one point six war in two thousand fifteen. The twenty twenty one deadline blew the other years out of the water in total. A hundred and fifty eight players or players to be named were moved by this year's deadline easily blowing by the previous record of one hundred twenty eight in two thousand eighteen. Eighty seven of those were big league players. Just eclipsing the record of eighty four set in two thousand we saw six top one hundred prospects former cy young winners former. Mvp's former rookies of the year goal. Glover's hits leaders postseason heroes help. The dodgers have seventeen former all stars on their roster. Now and you can bet whoever ends up on top in october will have made a big time. Deal this past week. A it's time for trash. Talk twitter with your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league baseball. This week's trash comes from. Benjamin patrick at k y fit and he said this quote i would like to trash talk. The chicago cubs brass. The long-suffering franchise breakthrough after one hundred and eight years to win the world series. Then five years later they sell away. Every remnant out that glorious moment an historic season including kris bryant. So go benjamin. Patrick not happy with the house cleaning by the cubs at the trade deadline. If you want your trash to be read on inside the park a hit me up on my twitter at rob parker f s. What when rob was the newspaper columnist he lived by this motto. If i'm writing i'm rippin. Let's bring in a writer. A broadcaster holder new i now let's woke him into the podcast. Ted sobel who's a long time. Los angeles radio sports caster and reporter also. He's written a new book called touching greatness where he talks about the hall of famers in the legends that he's met throughout his years broadcast including a number of Baseball players dot ted. Welcome to the podcast. How you doing buddy great voice again rob. It's always fun to talk baseball or anything with no doubt. Ted ted. Tell me what made you write this book. And what you just think about all the people you had covered over the years and said hey 'cause on the cover of the book you have a picture of you and cobi and aaron rodgers tiger woods and vin scully and Just a you know a a slew of great players. What made you write this very i. It's a combination of a lot of things rob so many times people have said to me. You have a million stories about this guy and that person and this event and you know. I've been around the world covering wimbledon in the british open and the masters and and the triple crown horse racing a little bit of everything in so many world series and super bowl and they have a million stories water to write a book and i started taking a few notes about twenty years ago. Put him on a bunch of scratch sheets and throw them in a pile of my drawn. Forgot about it about five or six years ago. I thought you know what we're gonna do it. We'll do it now while. Stop my memory too so i just went at it and what i put my mind to it. I don't stop so it took me several hundred dollars to do it. It's about the little over three years and it's a combination of really. It's a prideful thing. It's a it's a.

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