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The reality that their body had succumbed to this terrible affliction which become to find out later on wasn't all that terrible in terms of whether or not a person could actually live in society with other people but this is where the old testament law put them but not only did the old testament law. Put them there. This is exactly where the people of god wanted them to be. Let's be honest. The jewish people. They wanted the lepers to be outside the camp. Outside of the village they wanted them living beyond the margins of society. That's what they wanted. And you know what you and i. We want exactly the same thing. Think about who you don't want moving into your neighborhood. Think about who you don't want living in your home. Think about who you don't want to spend your time with like we want to maintain a comfortable distance between us and those living under some affliction that we might consider to be like the leprosy of jesus day. What do they do. They cried out for compassion. Jesus master have mercy on us. It says they raised their voices. Instead of yelling out unclean unclean. They are beside themselves and bragging and crying out for jesus to cleanse them to have mercy on them. And i love again just like what. Luke is bringing out of the story. Jesus have mercy on us. What does that mean well. It's not the it's not the kind of have mercy that we talk about with uncle jesse. Whenever he saw pretty woman. Some of you will get that right. It's not that kind of have mercy. It's not even the kind of have mercy that you and i are most often probably given to. Which is just simply having mercy mercy. The i just simply possess no actually characterizes some outward movement and action. It's not just a matter of having compassion or having pity or having mercy right not this possession of such things but it is a demonstration of mercy. What they were looking for. Jesus to do was not just simply. Hey could you feel bad about the condition we find ourselves. And that's not what they were crying out for when they have mercy on us snow they were crying out for jesus to show them mercy and jesus did that by demonstrating the power of god now. Of course jesus and his quirky little way says go show yourself to the priests.

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