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She is dressed to the nines all the time, but she mentors the three of them, but especially Jane. What were you trying to channel in that older woman younger woman relationship, you as show runner? I did not degree. I didn't create it and that was Sarah Watson created that character and that they namic and it's so beautiful and I love it so much. And the thing that I love about a. Jacqueline Jane is just the way that it's different from anything that you've ever seen before and that it. It goes against the trope of just the devil worst. Yeah, and the bitchy boss and like we've all had horrible, horrible bosses in the, but then like you don't see the the boss, actually a mentor in who wants to be a role model and who wants to, you know, help young women rise up with them. Them, and I love that. That's the thing though. Sometimes I would watch episodes and I would save Japoan's too nice. I am not used to seeing executives at that level being that nice of someone that junior also the way in which Jacqueline is intimately involved with Jane's career. What editor in chief at its line by line. The piece from junior junior, junior, junior staffer, are there ever moments or even feedback from folks saying this would not happen? I think that's valid, but I think the show is aspirated little. Okay. Well, I mean, okay. I do not wake up looking how I look on the show. I will say that right now. So, and I don't walk around in amazing, expensive clothes, and I, I don't know many people who do and you know, as soon as they call cut, we're all taking our heels off and putting on crocs like. So I, I don't know, at least to me, there's a level of the show that is aspirational. And I think that having this perfect bosses kind of one of those aspects to me as of you were because I consider myself a fan of the show to love watching what was filmed while I wasn't there. You know, did you Amanda in your twenties? Have a boss at that level. Who was at nice to you? Yeah, I did. Actually, I have. I had a boss. Her name was Maya Thomas, and I turn where I'm Warner audiobooks. Okay. And she just was incredibly kind and mentoring to me and supportive. And I used to write these like ridiculously long memos to her explaining anytime I made mistake and he'd be like, you don't need to do this. You don't need to apologize constantly, and she was fantastic. And then I've had. People who've been absolutely terrible. And you know, I mean that exists as well. They're Jacqueline's out there, but then there are lots of non Jacqueline's I've I've had my Jacqueline. I've had my non Jacqueline's too. I think it's. MandA is actually, I don't. I don't Dane TV as majestic is Jacqueline, but I do. But I do. I am conscious of the fact that that I am a woman in charge and that I am somebody that people look to. And so I think about when I was coming up as a writer that I didn't see a lot of women with families doing, you know, running shows. So I thought here and there. But you know, I make a point to bring my my kids by the office. I have two daughters, Anna, and Tessa, and it's ten and Texas. Six, they'll be very happy that I mentioned them and, and you know, I want PA raiders listens and people coming up to see that like this. You can do this like, you don't have to have this part of your life. Be this secret. Other thing in you can be a show runner, and you can be a leader and you can have a family and, and it's it's messy and it's not always easy, and it's complicated and the that it can be done. And so that's really important for me in thinking about how to foster a strong. Mentoring relationship between an older woman and a younger woman, like what is the one biggest impediment to establishing the kind of relationship the Jack will and has with Jane on the show..

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