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Sebastopol has published his second scope in 5 days on the Chinese hypersonic program with ought to alarm everyone in the free world, including Israel. I'm joined by the former ambassador from Israel to the United States. Michael oran doctor Oren, former deputy minister as well as former ambassador to the United States and the UN. Doctor Oren, good morning to you since we last spoke. The world sort of changed at least the world became aware that China has changed. Hypersonic missiles in space, orbiting the globe, presenting an entirely new challenge. Did it get much attention in Israel? It did not welcome back. Thank you. It's always they didn't get much of challenge here. We're facing so many different challenges. You know, that prime minister is meeting with Putin this week. And in the big issue there is going to be Iran and Lonnie Ron and that Israel can not coexist with a Iran that has a threshold capacity. Not to be run as a bomb. It has the ability to make a model. And why it's important was large because Russia is a world leader in arms development and has been introduced to our area. Systems that didn't exist before, like the S 300 S 400 anti aircraft systems, which can take down an aircraft from spherical aircraft coming out of our bingo and airport. And so making the Russians aware of the fact that Israel may well have to actually instantly against the an Iranian threshold capacity is extremely important for us. We're getting a very advanced systems. The big war with China is going to be about the China Iranian strategic deal. It's a 25 year deal, which is estimated to be about $400 billion. Over 25 years in exchange for discounted oil, China will be helping along with a number of development programs, but also with weapons develop weapons. Imagine that. So the Chinese having access with Iranians having access to these type of missile technologies has got to figure in our long-term strategic planning. There are historian doctor Oren. And so when I use the term second Cold War, I do so knowing you know what that means. It has a start day, whether it's the Fulton speech or the launch of the H bomb, whatever it had an end date when the wall came down. The start date of the second Cold War is probably when Xi Jinping became general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. We just weren't unaware of it. And Angus king, who, I know you must know. Senator king said yesterday, hypersonic weapons are strategic game changes with the dangerous potential to fundamentally undermine strategic stability as we know it. The U.S. can not lag in this development or allow for blind spots as we monitor the progress of our competitors. Well, we are lagging behind and we're actually going to need Israel to catch up for us because I believe you introduced me to the concept of directed energy weaponry. And that's what you're going to need to defend against this. Yeah, I also proposed a long time as we come to the end of the memorandum of understanding the ten year render I understanding of aid, $38 billion package that president Obama signed the president with prime minister Netanyahu back in 2016, he comes to the end of that period with a really rethink our strategic relationship with the United States. Rather than having been sort of a united just 80 Israel, it should be United States cooperating with these things technology because Israel is a world leader in these technologies in concentrated energy and just laser technology in AI and cyber defense. All this has come to play and it can really be no better ally in the world for the United States of Israel in all these areas. Just give you a small statistic. Israel accounts for over 20% of the world's investment in cybersecurity, which means we're pushing the punching about 200 times above our weight in terms of our population. We're less than 10 million people. Well, I agree completely and I don't know the team Biden has given that assurance or if you're going to get it out of the socialist left democratic squad, which is very anti Israel. I'm sure you know there are enough votes to block anything that the Democrats want to get done within their caucus. Because they don't want to bring a measure to the floor that requires Republican support to pass. They don't want to have the squad defect. What do you make of what happened on the squad's defection and then the dust up over what AOC crying on the floor had to do? It was really crazy. It was just insuring. I called it the protocol. The shot across the crowd. And yes, ultimately, we did get the a four Iron Dome and we're deeply appreciated that. And the bipartisan issue, we have to appreciate it that. But I think this could be what happened around the Iron Dome legislation. It's a harbinger of things to come. This is where you could get the significant works. And that's why I think it's about time now to rethink our future relationships in United States. The big challenge, you're going to believe that the big challenge going down the line is going to be whether people like the quad are going to be interested in actually enhancing America's security. Is that Israel security, especially if enhancing security for the United States means somehow cooperating as well. Well, that is to me to keep thing. When we I was in Israel last one ambassador John Bolton, the national security adviser, I saw you at the time. And the number one topic they were discussing with prime minister then prime minister Netanyahu was the deal struck between the PRC and Israel. Has that rethinking under Bennett commenced about really, we can't cozy up to the PRC like perhaps Bebe was going to do before the Iranian deal with China came down. It was actually meetings during the Obama administration. The Trump administration, I think it hasn't changed. The United States expresses its concern about visual relationship with China, Chinese for building our northern and 7.4 ports. We're building the subway system across the street from my house to keep me awake all night. They're here. And this will need that very efficient and cheap labor purely economic reasons. We also can overlook the fact that Chinese or entering the Middle East at the time was driven by China's building before the two major ports on the Persian Gulf that built the largest naval base in Africa in GBT at the entrance of the Red Sea, and take it more strategic than that. And it just can't ignore it. So if you want to make this the demand that is not engaged in any type of commercial relationship with China, how about American not leaving the Middle East? I agree. And especially on Iran, but it does come down to a second Cold War requiring therapy two sides and clarity about who is with what. And I think it's going to be Iran, Russia and their parent power, China against the free world. I don't see how we get around that. I have a bleak review. You remember the bipolar world of the Cold War, right? Yes. I think we're going back to a byproduct world from the two superpowers of Russia and China. That's a bleak review. I go back to a story. I meant I had a song session to this mystery about 2009. I just started as ambassador. And I said to doctor kitchen, I said, did anybody in The White House know that if you make an nuclear deal with Iran, then you will be giving up the control of the Middle East?.

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