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The exit from one court room it's just the entrance to another if the case is been tried six times something has gone wrong in the summer of twenty seventeen I moved to Mississippi with a team of reporters and producers to find out what and one of the first things I did was read the transcripts of the trials in right away I learned that the district attorney Doug Evans case against Curtis flowers wasn't built on any one piece of evidence police found a single particle of gunshot residue and Curtis flowers right hand the card is could have picked that up in the police car on the ride to the station or while he was sitting in an interrogation room there was a shoe box for feeling grant hill shoes the police had found a Curtis's girlfriend's house but a trial lawyer said that shoe box actually belonged to his girlfriend's teenage son the teenager testified that he had grown the shoes and thrown them out there was no DNA match no video surveillance footage no witness to the murders no fingerprints linking Curtis flowers to the crime investigators didn't even have the gun that was years but what the DA dot gov instead have what's the story here's what happens told the jurors Curtis was angry because he lost his job Attorney furniture so I woke up early one morning walked across town welcome to a car and stole a dime three eighty pistol then Curtis walked home later that morning Curtis left home again and walked all the way back across town and went into tardy furniture and shot all four people there in the head then Curtis flowers went home no one soccer to steal a gun no one saw him walk in or out try the furniture instead Evans lined up a string of witnesses who said they had seen cards flowers walking this wrapped on the morning of the murders hi this house on the west side of Winona to the parking lot where he stole the gun to Turkey furniture and then back home when these witnesses testified at the trials they were convincing they would get on the stand and point Curtis and tell the jurors that is the man I saw that day walk right by my house to understand Curtis denied killing anyone he said he wasn't fired from party furniture he just stop showing up to work after the defense was done question Curtis the prosecutor.

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