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Say he covered from the the they lost that game against Leeds also, a wouldn't have made a difference. But while at I got a good story, there's numerous examples of teams who lost games in charge of go when they choked I don't think you can say conserve. License. Just because the ventspils comes after trying to run in the Champions League comes after and I think also interesting things in terms of the team for that season and the team for the following season when they do become the vegetables, the number of pliers asked them having a team of the year the PF at. Dot Year where they boss older league cameras entertainment here and they have a toast six players following season whereby they are Vince the league there six players again of which the players in the team are pretty much. Exactly. Kurt. Sort, of got that solid call forming enough I season but it almost rather than what becomes the FEM- later on whereby results such as knocks the injury of course, and it just keeps happening that particular time they was still good enough and still have enough of their upswing to Carney uses a a k this isn't going to happen again, we're going to rectify. The wrongs following season was so funny. The thing is that like and we talk about spa just want to say in broad terms arsenal know had a few setbacks in this era, but it was so of easier to cast soit because they want things whereas later on, you could cost off some of the defeats already mentioned if they win something they don't. So the defeats the was. Once. You're in not cycle. You let it become a fee even repeat wants. That's where it Kinda keeps the stranglehold in the mentality. But in terms of also they lose that game he said Cambodia's doesn't play. Could he suspended for red? Cod. You'll citizen plan to cup final which they beat Southampton and we talked about Southampton Co Final Team on a couple of previous occasions and for us no that. was very much what isn't associated with them later on a professional job, it's financially we spoke about so many different times disease in different places, different scenarios, different things I. Don't think we've actually had the opportunity to torture porn high fucking good..

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