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Post post post post. Took me a long time. Just to say i delivered its conviction litigation. So you represented now by cure weeble and sherry lynn johnson from the cornell law school death penalty clinic. They appealed your conviction and in two thousand fourteen. The mississippi supreme court upheld the convictions and death. Sense is it. The team sought review in the us supreme court and in two thousand sixteen. They ordered the mississippi supreme court to review the possibly racially discriminatory jury selection in november. Two thousand seventeen. That was ruled. I'm getting chills again. It was ruled by a five to four vote that there was no discrimination. True the most polite way i can think of to say this is what i think. I think i did say that we would ask for her. That really is but your team appealed to the us supreme court again and this is when american public media. Apm started their investigation. And they did this. We talked about the podcast in the dark. And this podcast began in may two thousand eighteen and it was a big hit a big big big hand the things they uncovered a shocking fleming. Now said her testimonies. All the trial relies. She confessed that quote the whole. This is her quote the whole time. I've been telling them. I don't remember the day the whole time i've been telling him i don't remember the day i've been confused of the day from the beginning. I just didn't know how to say it. I was scared. I was going to jail. Wow okay odell home. And also recant saying that everything was all make believe on his part and he also said that evans dropped drug charges pending against him an offered him the other legal assistance. Roy harris who was the friend and drive of clemmie fleming told the podcast that police had showed him a photo of you and harris said that the man he saw running away was not you exactly eventually. He thought he was going to get arrested. If he didn't say was you so he did. Edward mma christian also recanted his testimony. That he was sitting on the porch at seven thirty to eight. Am when you supposedly allegedly walk past. His house from dear uncle doyle simpson's workplace the garment factory. Where the testimony had tied to the alleged stolen gun. So all those lies unraveling so in june two thousand nineteen the us supreme court reversed your convictions and death. Sentences by a vote of seventy two seventy two mazing. It ruled that the prosecution had engaged in racially discriminatory jury selection because they had struck forty one of the forty two black perspective jurors in the six trials combined so sherry lynn. Johnson had made the argument that led to the. Us supreme court's decision to revert. She argued that your case should be dismissed not brought to a seventh trial to be obvious to anybody as you spent over twenty years now on death row a net. The evidence against you was basically advantage. It was not it never had listed but now now proven that had never existed this the washington. Dc law firm of hogan levels as well as a friend of the show. The director of the mississippi innocence project tucker carrington the mississippi office post conviction council got evolved as well as attorneys robert mcduff. We know him and henderson hill. They all began preparing for possible retrial. Now you had the dream team training avengers and on december sixteenth twenty nineteen. You were finally released to home confinement to wait for your seventh trial. This had been almost twenty three years in prison. Right right at twenty three. What do you remember about that day. Our nearest you know at amid so close to home at all ease never made it. You know and at that time. I was like i don't see him. Give me bail. Let me go home. You know until they decide what they want to do while they wanna have a seven trial enough but we get into court role you know in do gives didn't even show up that he sent his assistant. Jerry lober talk and he got started in about do you. The da. Not showing up. You know. I would expect him to be here. You know a note in the more he tall the better off l. And we talked about the and in and he said no antiques time. You know. I am going to grant bill. Where'd you go in texas back to plano plano. Two sisters this. What was your first meal when you got out who lands ahead fried fish catfish a hush public french fries coleslaw. He he was a funny thing too because we were interest room me. My brother-in-law im- hasn't been like seven eight other guy so extended the urinal in related myself. So i get grew up lipa for the handle it. Everybody was saying. Just just walk away. Astronautics route you. Don't leak in urine on. Just walk away. I said laid on star smelling. You know everybody aids his walkaway step back a itself and had to what back to it and look at it you know and one of the guys in the white guy he said. I don't know where you being but you've been gone for long time. And i'm watching my hand and my brother-in-law walk back to the restaurant bradley. Isn't everything people would just stop me. It's going to be okay in big out and told the wives and everything about what happened in a bathroom. You know and people. Just tell me it's going to be okay. that's coming in. It was finding in emotional. Signed on december sixteenth twenty nineteen. You were release home. Confinement waiting for the sevens child like we talked about trial and then in january twenty twenty evans stepped off the case. In the attorney. General's office began reviewing it so hampshire enough on september fourth twenty twenty mississippi attorney general lymph itch announced that the charges were gonna be dismissed. You stated i'm now going to quote you even though you're sitting right here in front of me today. I am finally free from the injustice. That left me locked in a box for twenty three years i felt like doing flips. And you know big guy like nation be doing flips but is a happiness. I can't even describe to hear joe's lober say you know dismissed this case with prejudice in. You know i in at the time the word any ring me in someone told me said when he said with prejudice that means that they can never try you again. Yeah that's beautiful and it's funny. 'cause prejudice is usually a bad word. Since i think of when it's a good word ness show in the meantime. It's great to see you out here. Living your best life married. You know traveling. What can our listeners. Due to show support. I do have a go fund me out there so yes we'll have it lengthened vile so now mr flowers we have a segment of our show that i love the most which is called closing arguments. It works like this. First of all i again. Thank you for just being you and and being here in the studio with me. And then i turn my microphone off kick back in my chair and sometimes i closed my eyes and just listen to anything else. You have to say is called closing arguments in you. Have the mike and you can just talk about anything. You think you.

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