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The president was joined at the ceremony by nine World War Two veterans Trump had faced criticism during this trip for cancelling a visit to a different American cemetery on Saturday. The White House said whether in logistical issues prevent. Trump from attending that event. Aisha Roscoe NPR news surrend, France. And you're listening to NPR news from Washington and southern California. You're listening to KCRW public radio. I'm Benjamin Gottlieb live in our newsroom with this update as we continue to bring you breaking news. Breaking news coverage of these to southern California, wildfires, the Wolsey fire is now at eighty three thousand acres. Just ten percent containment. We have reports of more than one hundred and seventy homes that have been destroyed and officials say that number is expected to rise. Another fifty thousand homes are threatened to bodies have been discovered in the fire zone. It is not clear if their deaths are related to the fire, but again two people two bodies found in the fire zone. And currently thirty two hundred firefighters fighting that blaze the Wolsey fire elsewhere to the west and to the north Willamette the hill fire in Ventura County. It's holding relatively steady at about forty five hundred acres containment is way up in comparison to the Wolsey fire. It's at seventy percent this one, but crews do not expect to have it fully surrounded. Until Thursday, and the most destructive and the most deadly fire the campfire in northern California. It's about one hundred eighty miles north of San Francisco all untold toll right now. One hundred and ten thousand acres burned containment is just that twenty five percents, and the most striking number is a couple dozen at least a couple dozen people have been killed and another one hundred or so may be missing we'll continue to bring you updates on these stories throughout the day. Also, a news power equipment operated by the southern California. Edison company utility near seamy valley shut off two minutes before the Wolsey fire was first reported as John sepulveda's from our partners at cake reports that disturbance raises some questions about the start of the fire Southern California, Edison, quips key pieces of electrical infrastructure with sensors and relays and when the sensor picks up at disturbance, it sends a signal to the relay to shut the power off. According to a report, Southern California Edison filed with the California Public utilities commission. That's what happened two minutes before the Woolsey fire was reported. The disturbance occurred in the same area, the Woolsey fire started Southern California Edison, spokeswoman says they have not yet inspected the area Ventura County. Fire officials say they have not determined the cause of the fire, and it's way too early to say if the disturbance played a role utilities have come under scrutiny in the wake of several destructive wildfires that have ravaged the state in recent years. So Cal Edison equipment was responsible for at least one ignition point for the massive Thomas fire a year ago company officials told the CPU see out of quote, an abundance of caution could be more than a year before investigators released their findings on the Woolsey fire for KCRW news. I'm John Sepulvado. And just an update on some of those evacuation orders. Mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for a wide area, including Malibu Malibu oak park and bell canyon as well as parts of Thousand Oaks west hills. Also, some breaking news at this hour new mandatory evacuation order east of lost post road and south of. Potrero road to highway one and the county line. This is according to the Ventura County fire public information officer support for NPR comes from the corporation for public broadcasting and the estate of Joan Kroc whose bequest serves as an enduring investment in the future of public radio. I'm Benjamin godly this KCRW. And now time for music with Anthony nowadays base Benjamin man, thanks for these updates. I've been listening, and it's pretty crazy. What's happening? And you know, we we've been getting a lot of feedback on Twitter and social media minute phone calls. So you know, you're going to stick around. Right. Absolutely awesome. Okay. Once again, it's Anthony valid is hanging out with you on this Sunday afternoon. We've got lots of music to get to in addition to those updates plus a ticket giveaway to catch. The L A moth story slam that's going to be taking place at Busby's east. Should be a great event. Sick around more music more updates, and let's get to music right here from James Brown. It's KCRW..

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