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I didn't start the show when Jerry met George and Elaine and there was a history right there right so sunny starts and we're already there. We're this bar that exists. So why should it end in a way where people go and now what? It's the end. No those people should exist somewhere at all times right so and I taught was talking to Larry David about this one time he said. Don't ever in your show ever never do a final episode. So you see what he's doing with. Curb takes couple years back and like you never know what's GonNa happen but you know for a fact that they'll never be like okay. This is the definitive end because I think it robs people of the experience of of why they love it. Which is that this in some fucked up. Alternate Universe is actually still happening. These actors are living and breathing. And it's kind of back to a weird way what you're talking about minecraft open world thing. We're like this world just exists and you feel a part of it in my craft their participants but here you're there's something comforting about knowing like that. Yeah yeah he's always out there getting into arguments exactly exactly and so. There's this weird human like innate desire to want closure because it's like it's like a control thing because we don't have it in our lives right and so we think we want it to end so it's going to feel satisfying but then not satisfied when it ends in. It's like I don't know I don't know how like really we WANNA get into. Maybe it's like fear of death or whatever it is but like control like with has to end so I can close that door in my head but then it's over in you don't you don't you. Don't get that satisfactory so I can't say for sure what we're going to do but I highly doubt there's ever going to be a definitive episode where you're like. Oh that's the end of the store shore. We haven't really gotten into and we've covered a lot but really scratched the surface like your film tastes my interest. You talking about the posters and stuff like you grew up with this kind of stuff the same way I did. I'm curious like in the wake of like discussion about minecraft at the outset. And also in this world where like the brothers ended up doing avengers. It's not inconceivable all to see like a marvel movie directed by Rob mcelhinney is it is. I mean having had that three year journey does that affect what the answer would have been five years ago or I mean? Give me your sense. Is there any interest in in jumping into a franchise that you loved as a kid love? Now now's a filmmaker. No Zero Zero did that change from Mike Graham. No well it actually changed. It changed a lot was with Chris and Phil. I watched Chris and they're not like great friends of mine but I know them. I know them a little bit. I truly respect and revere them and I remember when they when they signed on to do that. The Han Movie. I was like Whoa. That's GonNa be really cool like I can't wait to see that because that's gonNa feel like they should be doing that with the with the with with that world right which is like why does everyone have to feel exactly the same and. I'm sure they'll figure out a way to do their thing. And yet it'll still feel of the world and then. I kept hearing reports back like they're unhappy. The things aren't working things aren't working and I don't know for sure right but I know for sure what happened there right and like and again. I'm not even placing fault on anybody in there. Because you know Kevin Kennedy in that whole crew they have you know th they're in charge and they're running their thing but kristen very specific voice and you go. I'm sure that first meeting was you're GonNa let us do our thing. This is all you. Yes and then slowly but surely got the dailies back. Wait that doesn't feel like Star Wars. Exactly that's not star wars. And they're saying we'll we'll know it's not star Wars Star Wars George Lucas. You wanted us to do our thing and I would. I personally I would be. I would be afraid of doing that. And then I look at you know somebody like jj or or Ryan who? I think did an amazing job right. And so you're like I appreciate and love that. Great filmmakers want to go do those movies because I enjoy watching those movies but I think that they have somebody like Ryan is so talented and also just has the ability. He's such a sweet man to and probably has the ability to navigate those things and I. I don't have the filmmaking prowess I also don't have the temperament to so that's my verbose way of saying fuck that. I'm glad you're getting the sandbox to play in that got an fx at Apple mythic quests. How'd you guys dropping this time all know also all nine episodes? Yeah are going to drop on Friday and and I love that and they were very collaborative about that because some of the shows were coming out and they asked us they said. Hey what do you think and I said I think the show should come out all night. And here's the thing about TV. Where I'm at with. Tv's specifically half hour comedy. I am. I'm certainly not Steven Spielberg but I have the ability to do what I want. Right and again it's much lower stakes but I'm trusted because of a track record and I bring all my shows in on time and on budget I truly do because I respect the fact that these people are willing to invest millions of dollars in my thing and the only thing I ask is that they let me do what we do doesn't mean we don't take feedback. We do take feedback but when when apple did this and fx does this. Somebody's paying you millions of dollars. They have opinions. They should have opinions at the end of the day they would say. Hey we read the script. We don't like this and I would say okay. Let me take it back to the team. Softball team we come back. Say sorry guys we like this and they say okay but here's why we don't like it say okay. Let me take it back to the team. You talk about a little bit more and we come back and we say guys. We feel strongly that this is GonNa work and they'd say thank you very much for your listening listening and go make your show. What up with this evolved adult conversation. Shit whatever their look I think part of it is also. There were times when they said we feel really strongly about something and didn't go back to the team and I would say look. They feel very strongly about that. And we have to respect the relationship. I fear none of them and again. That's coming from place a privilege if they really are gonNA fuck up my show. I quit. I don't need I own my other one. We're good. I'm doing this because I love it right and so we want to make something great but I respect that they feel strongly about it and I don't think they're I think they're really great creative partners and so I'm like this is a gift. Even though we feel like we disagree. It doesn't change the show fundamentally it doesn't hurt us in any discernible way. We still feel like it's a a surface level adjustment. That's going to make them happy. And I think it's important to show respect to your partners and so we do it and so it really is reciprocal. Yeah and it's it's worked so far. It's definitely is honestly. The new series is great on some of these. Podcasts can feel like stretching stretching and stretching I feel like we scratched the surface today so for season. Two on back. We'll keep talking absolutely Greater Eaten Meat you today rob and again we should check out mythic quest Raven's banquet. Thank you very much for having me. I'm Yvonne Vio let me know. Let me hear it again. Mythic Quest Raven's bank is pretty good.

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