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They're like presidential eating and lifestyles are we have Because the roosevelt's diet or food that they had at the white house became a national joke at the time so when reporters asked what she thought of the food there when she went. She said that she had been so busy with engagements than she hadn't had any time to eat but the press twisted around her response to read of course not to like throw out on social media that she hadn't been given enough to eat. Yeah so horrified. Emilia wrote to eleanor to clarify her comment and they made jokes on in their letters. Letter exchange became Friends over the press twisting it up. Oh q. right stance story plus. Yeah but couple of years later deer in nineteen thirty seven erhard navigator fred non set off on the ultimate challenge to circle the plana or as you said an air hearts more elegant phrase fly around the earth as narrates waistline as could be. Yeah which would have. We said pretty little mind. I get so they had completed. Twenty two thousand miles of their twenty nine thousand mile journey when they prepared to take off from lae new guinea to holland island in the central. Pacific ocean biographer. Mary s lovell notes in her book called. The sound of wings writes that in the last photos taken of earheart. She looked emaciated in drained. By this time she had been flying for a month. Her diet moving between fasting and feasting Like this pattern. That i described yeah tomato juice for ri- week and then a lavish like welcoming bank late dinner out. Yeah she writes level writes that her physical endurance was never great. Oh and now. During this journey she was suffering from lack of sleep and diarrhea. Can't you imagine on the plane. Horrify nope no mention of where what was going on there. Yeah honestly but i can imagine it was fred did he has stomach problems. Nobody seems to care that much fred than he was with her. I know right so ever ever worried about the weight and the plane she left behind your favorite elephant to- bracelet and pistol to make room for more fuel.

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