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This was the old Giants Stadium. And so we I knew where the section was, because where I sat me a project. It was about five sections over from a so won one game. It was the Washington Redskins. They had all the Redskins, families and whatever there And these two people, fans got into a fight with somebody in the Redskins section. I mean, I've never seen a more knockdown drag out. The wife of one of the players was punching somebody in the head and what I mean It's ridiculous enough already. What's even more crazy and I know we got to take a break. Is the take it down to little league with a little league parents not going Bizerte. So it's a game. Relax, but the game, Mike, My point is I represent my love from represents. Ah, great restaurant called American Whiskey. You've been there. All right. Great plan. I mean, they've been deader than dead with the Long Island Rail Road is closed. Penn Station is closed. Madison Square Garden is closed. Is that business? Nothing for them to go. But now because of the Knicks, and God willing, some openings of Madison Square Garden you know there They're starting to breathe again. As and all of those businesses around. There's a lot of bars and restaurants around. They must think Sally's and all that. I cannot wait to go to a concert. My first one I hope is in August up in Bethel Woods to see Jackson Browne and James Taylor, which was postponed from level that's right. So I'm hoping that it's still on. It hasn't been postponed yet. I'm hoping that it happens. Well, those things have to happen. What are we doing right now? Just were doing traffic. We're doing traffic right now. With Susie. Susie, you back back with I am All right. Are you gonna go to a concert assumes you could go see you? You know, I'm very jealous of al because I would love to go. I think it's August 21st, James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Correct. Yeah. I don't know. I don't need them. Chicago Everybody knows I love Chicago. So may go do that. Go for it, so Yeah. Hey, If you're trying to go this morning, it really is pretty tough out there. We do have alternate side and effect kind of wet in the tri state. So watch out for that crash in the Bronx, 95 South and at the Hutch accident on the Van Wyck North and at the L I e that has the right lane out. But in the Bronx, a crash on the director north and appellant parkways gone inbound George 30 for the upper 20th. The lower the inbound Lincoln is about 30, the inbound Holland 35 from either approach still a mess and upper Saddle River. 17 north and Shut down. Alan Dale Roto Lake Street. Stick with the parkway instead, 45 on the Tappan Zee with the weather and the Thruway South found inflow. Let's see. That'll go from right around 14 8 down to exit 11..

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