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Sports X radio is getting you up to date. Raiders football. The character. This team is he's impressive. Anybody says or saw today? The silver, black state, waiters. JP doesn't matter how old we get we hear that music fake. All right. Where's the where's the football? Where's the raiders go get it together and just gruden's just a fun guy? Winner lose, listen to the guy in a press conference. I just liked the guy. I like him better when they when they win. But if it's if it's a tough loss, you know he's still there. Any the great thing with Gruden. Is he fields the questions and there's you know, he'll call it what it is. And you know despite not having any NFL, or college GM experience, that might make is a guy that even though he's been in the booth and evaluating talent, this guy is can be someone that will address the press, if he screws up, he's going to let you know, they love Cleland Farrell. And when I talked to gosh, I'm trying to remember. Oh, Shonka Danjaq. He told me that he also from our labs. He had the raiders taken Cleveland ferrall with that, first of three first round picks at number four. And so when I look at this raider draft and again, they signed Jonathan Abram today, they have not signed Josh Jacobs, but fell and Abram or signed ready. I love the second round pick and Trayvon Mullen, Clemson, max Crosby is a guy and it's max with two axes let you know right there. So we'll put him on sports X radio. I might have to go with two exits, when I bring max on the kid out of eastern Michigan. I'm serious. That kids, a wild card that I could see that kids starting on the defensive line or at least playing a lot. This kid's got a motor that doesn't quit. I know he's out of eastern Michigan. But heck rothlisburger out of Miami of Ohio, so don't tell me the MAC doesn't put out some good players. We know they do. And this is a kid that I think gets it big time, even at the NFL, max Crosby, I like. This draft the raiders had now tight end, you know, when you lose a guy like cook and cook was really the only consistent raider last year and to do what he did at tight end, especially when he started getting doubled up because he was the raiders best receiver. But he was a guy that Turkey card through two and sometimes even in double coverage that could come up with a big play. Now the raiders didn't have many big plays, but cook was consistent. That's why the Saint suit swooped him up big time. But AB comes over you know you bring over a Williams over from the chargers was another nice pickup. And then coupled together with this draft to where you're gonna have a slot receiver, kind of like a Wes Welker type in hunter Renfro from Clemson. You know, he's a guy that just finds the scene somebody that you can find. And then this foster Moreau guy from LSU. We don't know what he has offensively, because he wasn't used a lot of he's supposedly one heck of a blocker. But some people there with. LSU say this kid's got pretty good hands. He may surprise you. So we'll see, you know where he fits in the, you know, the raiders, grab some guys last year, like Waller guys that could step in and make a difference. But they have a lot of X factors on both sides of the ball Richie incognito. Although he too could be suspended by the NFL because of some of the off the field stuff that went on at his grandmother's house in Scottsdale, where he blew a gasket and couple of other things that me he may miss one or two games is what I'm thinking. But if he is playing at the level that he did for buffalo for those three years. And they said he's in pretty good shape and he was holding his own early on this raider team to me, and it's not because they're moving to Vegas. It's not because I did the post game show last year locally, and that's probably part of it because I got the focus in on the team, but the team was in need of dire help last year and it it was frustrating frustrating for me to do a post game show. It was frustrating for Gruden to to, you know, to do the press conference. And Lincoln Kennedy my boy who does the color commentator with Brent Musburger is doing the play by play. It was tough. For those guys to get fired up about the games, but this year you look at the squad. Look, the constant on the line. Rodney Hudson, one of the best centers you're in you're out. You put an incognito at left guard and now you're gonna bring over to. Right. Tackle Trent Brown who was left tackle for New England last year. They move him, right? Because they just feel Colton. Miller made big strides at left tackle last year in his rookie season gave Jackson, right? Guard gates had some good years. He's got to stay healthy, but that offense of line if that stays intact that is night and day from the revolving door that they had last year. And so without that solid continent continuity that they need on the align, who's going to pay the price, Derek Carr. So we'll see if car gets that protection what he can do a guy with good soft hands, Josh Jacobs, who I expect to start from day one, you know, no beast mode. But I also. Jalen short, Jalen restored was a guy that, you know, he'll take a two yard pass turn it into seven or eight every single time. He's that good. Andre Washington is a similar style guy. But he was out almost the entire season Doug Morton, they bring back the muscle hamster because of the injury, you know, from the guy that grabbed from the jets boy, I'm trying to off the top of my head the Greg Cote crawl. So grab Kroll and he goes down right away. So there's still potential. Then there's Chris Warren, waiting in the wings, trying to make the team la- key. Smith is a decent fullback. Good solid blocker. But keep your eye on Alec angled. The kid out of Wisconsin. This guy not only can he block. He is a guy that will get those tough yards kinda like Coon over there for Green Bay for all those years, also is a receiving type fullback out of the backfield that could pay dividends on certain downs when you think you have everybody covered, but he's a guy unlike key Smith last year on a fourth in one when the raiders went and they dropped it. It keeps Madrid. Alec Ingle doesn't drop anything. This guy can catch the ball. There's no doubt in my mind. I think Antonio Brown is going to have a monumental year. And when he's doubled you're gonna leave Tiro Williams. One on one. Good luck with that. I think the raider offense if the old line produces is going to shock a lot of people in the AFC, I agree. And looking at both sides of the ball, really, you could make a strong argument that no team filled the gaps that they needed to fill. Agency this off season the raiders that he needed to run back. You went out and down one need another guy to complement receivers when for he talks about Ingles on defense. They grabs feral you either have safety Abram who just fits the raider image. Never Trayvon Mullen comes from a winning culture bringing Crosby and the guy was just a motor that doesn't quit. And then after the draft is over. Notre Dame Homer again. Sorry. They go out in the grab a cheat on Coney from Notre Dame, who a lot of sites have been number one, undrafted free agent. That guy's gonna make your team. He's gonna play a lot of downs. He's attack machine costumer out then yeah, he can't catchy Ken run. They didn't use them SEC. I don't know what they're doing down there with him. He's playing in the big ten, he might be a first or second round draft pick this team Gruden got so much lack last year for the to the trades. He made with Cooper and MAC. And now he's building. Now you can kind of see it come together. It again. This is a team that's going to be in this division start finish that they can just win a couple of games. There can be nine seven ten and six towards the end, claw their way up to a while per maybe win the division eleven and five who knows. But this team is going places. You can you can see what he's putting together, you know, NC I liked the team a lot. And then it's the. Schedule and the schedule flat out sucks. If you're a raider fan, look, you open with Denver Hewlett the late Monday night game you love that six days later, you get Casey so tyreek hill, not there. You can take your business to me. It's imperative it's almost boy if if you're gonna make the postseason this year. If you're going to shock a lot of people you have to win the first two games at home. You've got to be Denver. And you got to be Casey. And the reason being not only do you travel by far more than any other NFL team. But your schedules ridiculous. So ridiculous that you don't come back to Oakland to November the third against Detroit. You have five road games, including one in London against the bears, which is a home game, but it's a road game. It's a neutral game. Both teams will be well represented a Tottenham new stadium out there on Tober the six but you know, and then you have the by on the thirteenth. They've got a somehow go to know. And then they go to Minnesota goat, Indianapolis London game against the bears by at Green Bay. At houston. Now to me. I don't think Houston's going to be near as good as they've been in the past. Yes, it fully comes through can help out, you know, Hopkins that could help out the offense a little bit for Houston. But I think that's a winnable game at least on paper now while looking at it. I think the Green Bay game is tough as Lambeau is I'm not sold that Rogers and, and the new coach you're going to be on the same page. We'll wait and see. That's you know, later on down the line. That's week seven so we'll see what happens there in that. Of course the raiders have the by before that game. So we'll see what happens JP real quick. Gotta get outta here. Man, I forgot Kennedy's told me I forgot I gotta get out on spots. Your overall raiders win loss record. Oh see look at two right now. Nine and seven great stuff JP. I'm sorry. Man. I spaced on getting out because I kept you going going to do it for us sports X radio. Folks, you know, the rules, not drinking and driving..

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