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You're in, we can reach you on Twitter at Kevin bonus cable, ten seventy. Sorry, I thought I followed you. I guess I can't, you know, me and my age. I don't remember things we're talking about Pacers and certainly going to talk a little bit about the colts talked about earlier, workout. So what was the reaction to the performance of Carson Edwards earlier this week? Well, you know, I thought he was a little bit disappointed with how we shot the basketball, you know, I think it was his first workout. I'm pretty sure maybe maybe a little bit of pressure on himself. And, you know, it's interesting, he really wants to try and just prove to NBA teams that key can be this on bowl point guard, and it's not just a scoring mindset guy, I right? Obviously that is what he did a lot at Purdue and I think you don't wanna coming coming backwards through the season, they'll wanted to show that he can be more of a true point guard PJ Thompson moving on. So I still think there's a spot the forum if I were team late in the first round, I would definitely entertain that thought up because he is a guy that can be a bit of a microwave player for you. And I think we saw, you know, the other night with Fred vanfleet, and the raptors would when you can have a guy that can come off your bench and hit a couple of big shots on the road that can do so much for you. So I think right now Carson Edwards. You know, maybe targeted late in that first round, I think if you're looking for someone who compete. I mean really compete with quickness and strength guy stronger than you think and a guy who knows how to win every team has been on. It's been really really successful. Think you do yourself quite a favor by drafting again. Yeah. I mean he's built. I'm you. You are right. I mean just guys funny. I was watching. Colts go through the first OTA session on Tuesday. And every time I watched Carson was, I feel like he could be a corner, the NFL. Right. Doc mindset. And when he did attack the rim in college. I mean he did it with with. Fearless. Yeah. Yeah. Not a lower body that you're like, wow. That guy was a Texas high school basketball player. He looks like he could have been the Texas high school football player. So yeah, I'm very very interested to see the type of career he's can have in the NBA Kevin you gave me the segue. We'll talk about the colts. We'll talk about that OTA's finishing up this week, it is hard as a as a colts fan not to be excited. And frankly, impatient for the season to start to find out just exactly how good this team can be. You know, I it's funny coach, you know, not only is there ton of excitement here locally, but I would say the national bugs is probably the highest it's been maybe sense that twenty fourteen season going into twenty fifteen and you and you might even argue it's bigger than that, you have to go back to the Peyton Manning days off the national hype. It is there and this is a team that is not going to be able to thrive. I think or play up the underdog mentality and the no one. We're going to do anything and Frank cried, first year, you know, those things so high expectations outside the building in internally when you bring back twenty one or twenty two solders you make the move didn't free agency. You know, you have four four draft picks in the first three rounds there, there's reason for plenty of optimism. I think for this team I do believe that the schedule is a lot while offer, I think when you start looking at the quarterback challenge fans, so look at like the best quarterback you played in twenty eighteen then look, if like the best quarterback, you would play this ball, different front amount of depth. I mean, you're talking like a Matt Ryan Cam Newton might be your eighth or ninth best cornerback this fall, and they would have been one of the best that you played last year. So I think that will be the challenge. Can your defense take another step and just crew against the upper echelon quarterbacks that, that they can be top fifteen. Unit which I think was pretty surprising last year. Thinking about the NFL is the fact that is it is so dependent upon being healthy and the, the other side is that most teams aren't healthy? That's why having quality death at all. Your spots is such an important thing for you. You can ill afford to have your premier quarterback down. But I think aside from that this is a team that has added depth that most of their spots that they could survive some injuries to key people. He added to get the great point that you bring up just been think one to fifty three this team was one of the eight best in the NFL here. You know, they, they just warm, and that's what happens when you make such a significant change. Especially on the defensive side of the ball that Chris Ballard. And now Frank Reich decided upon when this new regime took over you know they only have three defensive players left from when Chris Ballard took the job in January twenty seventeen three. And really only one of them start Clayton gathers and he was, you know, if he'd come back right here in free. See, but I think improving the death was vital again. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. You look at Ballard's three draft. He's had twelve what I would call premium draft picks top three round twelve draft picks in the first three rounds. Nine of them have been on the defensive side of the ball. The three offensive won the two of linemen last year. Quinton Nelson and breaks Smith. Peres Campbell, the receiver out of the high state. So if you look back at that Kansas City playoff loss, nomally cooker in that game. I mean, that is your deep centerfield safety who you want out there when you're facing one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He was not out there. I think you're exposed, you know in other areas. But there as well and I think that's why it was so so key for this off season. Particularly in the draft just to bolster the depth and get a little bit more versatile on that side of the ball. You know what I agree with everything you've said? And again, that's why I'm like everybody else. I can't wait for them to, to really get going this again. If Andrew luck stays healthy continues to improve over that everybody's excited about Paris Campbell and reasons to be, you know, have more playmakers. That's the thing about the what Chris Ballard has been able to do. He's added playmakers on both sides of the football yet. I picked diverse. Some of those some of skill sets on offense is huge. You know if you look at what they did receive this year they wanted to get bigger. So they go out and Devin funchess free agency six recruiter. Twenty five pounds obviously can't can't teach that frame. And then you go in the draft. Right. Get a guy like Paris Campbell who you know think fans locally, you know will know him from this collegian days at Ohio State where he doesn't have to get vertical to create a chunk play. You know, I think when we think of t y Hilton it's not really yards after catch with open. It's more of he's beaten that, that last line at offense. And boom Andrew luck is Aaron it out vertically. And there's thirty forty yards gain right over factors that have to play into that Hilton's gotta beat, you know, beat the last line of defense euro wind got hold up for five or seven step drop. And then Andrew lock has got to be able to deliver. And on point throw, you know well down the field. Whereas if you watch Paris Campbell and his. His big place he made in college. It was more of kind of Dinkins dumped passing or even jet sleeps or screens or stuff like that. And that he did the rest. He made a guy and show off. Cruelly speed. So I think that is what you did this off season. You've got different skill sets, and we sell it. Frank Reich did last year with air. Eric, and I hope and really the only two guys four Jack Royer went down. So I, I think people should be extremely optimistic about the potential of colts offense. I agree one hundred percent will the problem is now we have to wait we just have to wait for all of this to unfold, but we can get excited about colts and Pacers and everything else. Kevin bolan ten seven is a fan dot com. Readers, great work. Follow him at K bolan ten seventy the fan on Twitter. Kevin enjoy the weekend. She we'll talk a lot throughout the fall. Thanks coach. I appreciate it. Thanks a lot, Kevin. Kevin in ten seventy two fan dot com. Howard Gilman hall of fame broadcaster. For the Indianapolis Indians Indians wins. Denied three one good night at the ball yard. Thanks for the call Howard. That's one role on this trip in foreign. Oh they swept three in Louisville. They beat Columbus tonight. And now we need to Napoli indeed and jarring sole possession of first place a half game. It's good to be the Indians. Now, what's happening? What's feeling this run right now? A lot of good baseball. Timely hitting good pitching for the most far. Good defense last night. Our defense was not good because they'll retain was hidden. So, you know, when you're going, well, you Willie two seven three two one when you're going when you lose to one you who's sits Bobby memory, tell you last week. Towns. If teams not just playing well, and that's one Roy Keane. But team looney with challenged invest talent in this league and they're performing up to their expectations. Now tonight we had a won one game. The Asian chew on to out and Kevin crew with the dome to the gap to score two and that was the good. Were you talking about time hitting? Here's a perfect example. And you also talk about great starting pitching and the closers again, they're just putting it together. It's kind of fun to be around. The team is playing well. They're confident they've got a lot of spirit and what they do. It's a good group to be with. There's no question about it. We recognized from day one other been changes the pirates I injury assessor tainting columns, but they maintain the focus, they're going at it every single day this sensational, what has been sensational. I three one tonight so tomorrow who's on the hill working Davis on the mound for the Indians, right hander, and the again, be battling for first place and stayed second of a four game series. And then the Indians would turn to victory field Tuesday against Charlotte continue to six game homestand. He's Howard Kellman the hall of fame broadcast here, the voice of the Indianapolis Indians. The Indians win at Cologne. Three one tonight plague into moral seven fifteen back home on Tuesday. And when you're back there to ballpark, by his book, sixty one humorous inspiring lessons. I.

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