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Am i can't help you on the issue out there are two stages in my presentation one is how inhibiting it is of happiness to beat the record by fears and number two how to overcome them the man is much tougher issue i think our number one all rational people will agree fears inhibit your enjoyment of life now i might add by the way that there are legitimate fears i don't understand why people with children climb everest because the odds are not good every what is it i think one in ten climbers dies it's a very high percentage on the other hand there's flying is safe growing israel a safe just take the most recent example and that is a tougher issue but that is where the biggest issue or one of the biggest issues comes into play or you mind directed or brain directed most people would bring directed a try bigger what their moods take over there our behavior candy in uraba linda california hike candy dennis prager hi governor harford heartattack you thank you oh my fear like the other caller my husband wanted doni israel barak are and i didn't wanna go or the old the problem of air wind water and i finally proprietor this man here and roget's my whole life why don't i selfless and go with him and i wear and actually felt very face uh like we go to the malware and there where soldiers idea all around and it didn't bother me that deeper kerry mirror done i felt very throat and it ended up to be the trip of my entire life and i wouldn't miss it because this year the beautiful call with serbia thank you for doing there let's my point and the it in her case who was a trip to israel with her husband put the it could be anything whatever it is that you fear that's why by the way since religion since the bible plays an active role of my life it's not separated from my wife that's why fear of god is such a healthy thing because the then you fear people wess van it animates me i'm constantly attacked kohl terrible things it's disgusting but it is but i march on because i believe that i have to answer to a higher drummer then the new york times these are very important the things in life.

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