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Shumar and iag princi androids in the yellow without the silver jacket of palace pier nearest to us three to launch. His challenge is being chased along though talk bryan his desk so busca putting a big round nearest to us as well cover up fell pollen now pilots payroll franken. Torey have the advantage. So busker fernandes giving chasing second of them places. It's a turn for palace races. Wall the palace payers pay for not is in second palace. Pier was trained by john gosden. Ridden by frankie dettori and punches. A spot in the starting gate of the breeders cup mile in november and. Here's what john gosden had to say about the winning ruthlessly efficient performance real host befitting his status. I look i think we were very aware. There was no place in the race. Is any horse going forward so frankenstein. I'm drawing where. I am to stay on the wing because we suspected slow base which is what we got slow basis low time. But then don't sit out the back when they kick with two and a half st around which they did and look he's he's done it very smoothly as come through one is race but he's exactly like his father as soon as he gets there he's done enough and if i worked in at home with a very ordinary just stay with him. That's his game and as performances. Were you nervous beforehand where you just had complete with your odds on like that i it. It ought to be went nervous. Because you're the thing around. The corner is a banana skin. So it can happen. But i think frankie was aware that would be no pace. So he just asserted early. And i noticed us hanson heels and affleck just to keep them going but the horse stephanie. Playing normal blah blah afterwards. He's probably done mornings work at home and you had to do today. Well also for you as a new team. Father and son i royal ascot went on i queen. Admiral took sadie. I've been seconded at three and six eighty to get me over the line and for having cried as well. How pleased to see that wonderful. Those people who've come and done the tests and come here. It's fantastic and it's going to stop it because he's not crowded. It's very comfortable and it's a gorgeous day. So to that extent full marks for people who may be to come any quick questions for on hind league cryptic. You've dangled the possibility of going up in some. Maybe your he's asked on the back of your mind you know. I could see how relaxed ears. You can't down to stop morrow with do so to that extent is in racist like the jabber international also in the sixties also in shopper model. While so i'll talk to the owner and we'll work out the plot but the key thing is see how they are off the race but only options are open for. You'll have no trouble with the amount of the quarter. We wish to go there. Thank you bill. Thank you now. Love listening to john. Gosden that post race press conference courtesy of lloyd bell productions and rupert bell matter of fact all of the audio. I'm gonna play for you. Courtesy of those folks and my thanks to them. I love the line. The john gosden us when he was asked about being nervous about saddling the favorite and he said well you know. I guess you have be a little bit because the only thing around the corner is the banana peel. What a great way to look at it right. You've got the favorite so the only thing that can happen is you could slipped on the banana peel and you can get beat. The that's that's the only yeah that's right around the corner but Fantastic stuff from john. Gosden congrats the palace pier. Frankie dettori was aboard. And frankie has had so much success will not just at ascott but all over the world. And here's what he had to say about his winning ride. Frankly many congratulations i race. I lying different and obviously was the crowd that looks so ruthlessly efficient as a performance. You can rely on him. Also have you know. He's like getting the propagation penalty and and puts in the back of the net. So it was a you know these one of the best in the world and you want everything to go right and a and everything go right. I'm just reflecting on Thirty one years ago. I royal good in the queen. Mcqueen stinks so much has gone on rich. Still getting the same kick and yeah. I am pretty relieved that everything went smooth as a thought and he makes a big difference. We have a lot of a lot of good rise in the week and you know it takes a lot of pressure. Off is his finest attribute this holes. But it's the best miler on the world's is it goes on any ground and is beautiful specimen very kind. It does where you ask him to do. Comes from behind can be up. That is a great partner for me too. I have a in such a racist We is not just me. These these the one that you take all the credit it was pretty surreal experience here last year where he met a top jockey again. Yeah how the that people are seeing your knees being tested in coming budget you can imagine the colors to see the people. Screaming is is a mirage. I'm telling you. I'm so pleased and the great volume this morning. I was not dustic What can say with people. He's amazing and especially for me. That my life of the great success in nevada and now stop that with this one bringing world. I couldn't agree with frankie more. It is great to see fans back at royal ascot and at racetracks all across the country and now streaming and around the world to certainly welcome a welcome sight to all of us racing fans who went through twenty twenty without them on wednesday. A win. and you're in for the breeders cup turf was the prince of wales stakes. And this was a really good performance. Here's how it.

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