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We can't believe it and we have seen this is how much the young people people who didn't live to Princess Diana. They're really mad at that rotten dog, Charles, and they've dug deep and they've discovered Camilla Gate in Tampa. Engaging those two carried on all this time. And basically, Charles did Diana dirty the way Meghan Marco got done dirty. Again years years later, but people are sent. I mean, they shut up their comments. I know this is I think it's outrageous that people can't realize it's a TV. Helena Bonham Carter came out. You know, she's British. She's Bobby. She played in the one of the characters. She's Margaret. Right, Margaret, This is your last season. She thinks that we have a moral Responsibility to stamp the show is that it is a dramatization that people are that you're we got. We got a report looking at a report. This is Sarah Harmon from NBC on this kerfuffle. Everyone seems to be watching the latest royal drama, including apparently the British government, and they're not amused. I think it's the most disgraceful thing I've ever seen, actually portrays. The queen and members of the royal family in a very nasty light. The actress Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Princess Margaret, says the crown has a moral responsibility to ensure that viewers know it's drama and not historical fact. Britain's culture secretary says he'll ask Netflix to add a disclaimer to each episode stating explicitly, the events are fictionalized. Netflix bills the show as a drama, not a documentary.

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