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I these rules that are going to be implemented in the Atlantic league. Which by the way is a pretty good independently started here in the northeast do. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York got a team the Long Island ducks. I some reason they put a team in Texas. I doesn't sit didn't seem to make sense doesn't make sense to me. They've had franchises. Join the league drop out of the league comeback in as I think two out of the original ones up to twenty years at the league has been an existence. I was kinda bombed because I had a Atlantic league team. Twelve months my house. It takes me. It's fifteen minutes my house into photocopy a proper and the field that was in Camden, New Jersey overlooked the Benjamin Franklin bridge, which ran from Camden into Philadelphia, so fourteen miles now somewhere thereabouts a really nice minor league stadium. Campbell field was the name of it. Campbell's has a major plant right down on. The Camden waterfront there, and they helped kick in money and bought the naming rights for the field and add the Camden Rigobert sharks for years, and they went belly up, which was unfortunate because it really was a quality stadium. I've been to minor league stadiums all over the country. And this one was as nice as most as nice as the stadiums that they have down in Florida and Arizona that major league games during spring training, and they just could make a work, which was unfortunate probably. So many entertainment dollars to go round and Philly is it is as I said just on the other side of the bridge and Phillies a diehard Phillies town, I was disappointed. They could make a work went to a bunch of games there over the years, but they no longer play in Camden bay redid the field. I guess Rutgers Camden, it's a spinoff university of Rutgers University, which is up in New Brunswick down in Camden. They'd got a campus as well. And they've got their own outlet programs. Not the same as Rutgers University itself in the big ten. They bought the field and turned it into a baseball slash softball slash soccer field. Which was a great stay. I'd bummed out by the Atlantic league is gone into bed with major league baseball. I guess MLB reached out to him and said, listen, we got some rule changes. We're contemplating. We don't want to do it. We're not gonna do it on a major league level. We'd have get okay. From the players to be able to do something like this. And we're not going to be able to slap it together. We're not even sure we want to do with our minor league teams because minor league teams were working on other things developing players. We're not sure that we want to do. So would you like us to fund the Atlantic league? And you accept the rule changes that we want you to implement for us. And apparently the Atlantic league said find they're not doing this out of the goodness. I can tell you that because they are as I mentioned earlier at least in part competitors. Because at Lantis league teams are within some kind of distance of a major league team. And we're gonna win Alantic league game. You're not going to a major league game. So they they shouldn't really wanna be helping each other out the only way it works. Is somebody's writing a check. So without having seen the financial agreement. That's in place. I'll speculate for you. Oh, MLB wrote a pretty good check to the Atlantic league and said we'd like you to implement these rule changes. So we can get a firsthand look at them in practicality on the field. So we can make a determination. Whether we'd be good for our game. The game on is the pi levels. No mound visits for anyone other than the pitching coach for other than excuse me for pitching changes or medical issues. So the pitching coach can't come out and talk to the patriot anymore. The cat catcher can't go out and talk to the pitcher anymore. Page has got to be out there on an island by himself that is certainly targeting pace of play. They want to speed up the game of baseball. I think it's a little overreactive. I'd like what they did last year. Limiting the numbers of visit. You could have rather than white them all loud. I think that's an over. Stamp in trying to speed up the game. So I don't like it. But I understand it yet about pace of play the elimination of most defending champs by requiring to infielders on each side of second base. I like I sign off on it. I don't like it because yes, you're limiting defence. And defence should be part of the game. You're handicapping defense. But in professional sports date put rules in all the time to protect teams against themselves that they've gotten so good at crunching the numbers and figuring out when and when not to share that it is hurting offense in baseball 'cause ships do the job that they're supposed to do and limit deadpool laters and take base away by having guys properly plays defensively on the diamond and baseball wants more offense. So it should be as easy to say as well. Just tell the hitter to hit them where they aren't that makes sense. But major league baseball doesn't want to ask that the players. They want to have them. Go up there and swing it. So they are kind of plating eliminating shifting by keeping to integral design each side of the diamond. That's to increase offense in major league. Baseball three batter. Minimum for pictures, barring injuries. I think that plays into pace of game as well. Because the managers are just going out there and changing patriots all the time and having to have thirteen patriots on I twenty five man roster. You got nine possession of your in American League at ten ten positions. Available. Colluding designated hitter. Of what you're gonna use for just one position and the other half of our positions. Well, they can limit the number of picture you being used by going. What's I'm like this? And I laid out my staggered approach that yes, this could be implemented for the first seven innings every game. But in the eighth inning, you've demand you're a little bit more flexibility. You only have to pay to hitters ninth-inning win the game. Truly is on the line. Well, have to play phase one if you wanna pull a guy right away. I think it really will. It keeps the essence of managers and strategy and a game exempt as a matter of fact, I think it adds to it moving the patriots. Rob a back an additional two feet to sixty two feet six inches karma. During the second half of the season is the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard of in my entire life Wiegand debate. How much moving the rubber back to feet would do. Yes. The boss gotta travel longer. You can't throw it as hard. It can be as hard coming out of your hand. Is it was? But it's got to slow down gravity is gonna take old so ninety nine could become ninety seven ninety five could become ninety two. It should make it easier for the headers adjustment period for the pitchers as well. I think that's for the good. I'm ready willing and able to take a look at that. In the middle of the year is asinine. I never heard of anything like that. First of all, what are you gonna do? Take two weeks off and fix all the fields. And I know by the way, just tell the bridges yet go out and throw from two feet further after they've worked on getting their motion. Exactly, right. From say, it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If you're going to do something like that you need to implemented over time not changing in the middle of the season and the one that annoys me the most the use of track man radars to assess home plate umpire calling balls and strikes assist. Somebody needs to explain this to me, I think you meant to say replace home plate on Pires calling balls and strikes because if they put radar in if they put lays in the empire's going to no longer make the call a laser's going to make the call, and I didn't grow up playing video games. When I was a kid, we had this novel idea if you light sports, you went out and actually played them rather than sit in front of a console and a sixty inch television with a joystick in your hand. So I was never a video kid. This wasn't it. Feels like to me major league baseball would become joystick time that lasers are deciding to game rather than actual play individuals humans umpires I like instant replay ever call is wrong. I wanna get it. Right. You have to have some implementation with actual human beings. And I think the empire's do as good a job as they can call balls Baltin strikes. So that's one I will you'll never get me to buy. I'll never give up the game. I loved major league baseball. But I will watch it with lasts forever. If they go to this this one as as Eddie attic is changing the length of the pitch in season as dumb as that is. I do that before I go to lasers. Call him Baltin strikes. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four. What do you take Tom from Albany up on CBS sports radio? I tommy. Hey, jodie. Nice. Taking my call. You got. But. With all the pace of play stuff. You know, the one thing I'll tell you. Now, this is an admittedly small sample size. But everybody I've talked to my friends who were based. Okay. And I heard it in other places too. I think you're on you know, you say the right thing with it's the pace of play not necessarily like the game. But I'm telling you right now from you know, from what I can tell listen the callers on sports radio. It's the biggest thing that is getting people away from the game. And that they say is the schlepping in between pitches that is you know, all the other changes that they're that. They're thinking about in front of implement their great. But you know, the one I'd like to see and I'm a huge baseball fan the whole night. It's my favorite sport. I'd like to see the pitch FOX. I really would. And listen, we've known that in the game of basketball. They implemented any number of wolves to just get the players to play the game. There is the twenty four th you know, there's the shot clock. There's the inbound rule. There's the half court will there's the three second rule, you know, play play. O'clock. Good football. Yeah. There's a play clock. And you're just to get the players to get the game going. And that to me is the biggest thing the pitching changes. You know, I see where they're coming from. And they did a good job. In terms of limiting the mound visits, contributing to the schlepping. It was well, but the big thing is the Nomar Garciaparra stepping out in you know, tying his batting gloves in between each pitch the pitcher walking around on the mountain ration bag five times. You know? It's that's the big thing that more than anything. I really don't mind the three and a half hour game. And I'm hearing more and more people say that as well. It's just they have to get off. You know, again, you've probably heard this before you've probably seen it before. And you remember it you go back on any one of the, you know, I yes, never up here. And you watch the Yankee classic games for the always win. It's yeah. I mean, you watch any of those games like Dave Righetti perfect game or any of the games from the nineteen throwing pre strike, and you just it's it's almost amazing. You know in I was in my teenager, then. And I didn't even remember how fast the game. But I watch it now. And it was just the ball back. Get a new ball pitch. Hit next banner comes up, and you know, and that's the way they have to get back to that. Tommy while I'm with you. I got bad news brought to you. And I doesn't look like it's going to happen because they put the pitch clocks in just purely for spring training. And they said it's not gonna happen during the year. We just want to see if the players can get used the players can deal with it. We just wanna get a look at it. Get a feel for it. It's still being used but the empire's never in horse. It it goes to zero zero all the time and nobody ever gets an extra ball on him. They ever get an extra strike raider. If they're not in by the time the pitch created gonna pitches, Reggie go. They said it, but then they didn't implement it. So I'm with you. I think it could really pick up the pace of play. There are some massive individuals that slow the game down that abuse the amount of time that players have now been given and take readily between every single page, and I think with a concerted effort they could clean that up and change it around in a heartbeat. They gave a half hearted effort this spring. Most of the players complained about the pitch clock more. So the patriots than the players, and I guess major league baseball decided, and we're constantly contact with their empires and said, listen, we can't just not do it. Because we said we are committed to it for its spring training. So it's going to be there..

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